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   Chapter 661 After Reconciliation

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Seeing that Cassie didn't eat, Tim took out a banana from the fruit plate, peeled it and sent it to Cassie's mouth.

Having enjoyed Tim's rare flattery, and Cassie was no longer angry. She followed Tim's flattery and gently bit the banana.

If she continued to ignore him with an angry face, she would be pretentious.

"Honey, you finally forgive me. We finally become reconciled, hee hee..."

Tim held Cassie tightly with the empty hand, with an incomparably happy expression on his face.

The silly smile on Tim's face annoyed Cassie, "You smile like a fool."

"If I don't smile like a fool, how can you forgive me, honey?"

As he spoke, Tim laughed even more happily and got closer to her with the banana in his hand.

"The banana is delicious. It can cool down the fire. Honey, eat more."

Cassie touched Tim's forehead with her index finger, and took the peeled banana and ate it.

While eating, Cassie suddenly thought of a question.

"By the way, you answered Consuela's phone this morning. What did she say?"

In the morning, she was pulled up by Tim to the Ye's house for no reason. She had been in the Ye's house for so long that she almost forgot about it. It was not until now that she remembered it.

"Consuela just said that Tristan was dead. Then I called her again, but her phone was turned off."

After carefully observing Cassie's expression, Tim asked, "Do you know how Tristan died?"

"The plane crashed."

Cassie lowered her head and her hair covered most of her face. Her face could not be seen clearly, so she said in a low voice.

'Is Tristan dead? He has been dead. Consuela must blame herself now.' she thought.

Thinking that she should comfort Consuela after she suffered such a heavy blow, Cassie immediately took out her phone and tapped on Consuela's name.

However, the phone was still powered off. Cassie had no choice but to put down her phone and wait for Consuela to call her again.

After putting down the phone, Cassie put her elbow on her knees and buried her face in her hands, making Tim unable to see her expression.

Getting up from the sofa, Tim squ

hat did she say? Although you are not unhappy, you have been listless for a long time. "

"She said that she didn't really hope that Richie would bring Consuela back at once. She hoped that after Consuela untied the knot between her and Richie and forgave Richie, and was willing to start over and then Richie would go to find Consuela back.

I don't think she wants Richie to only find Consuela. She also hopes that he can win her heart back, so that the two can live forever.

We used to be anxious to get Richie to get Consuela back, but we didn't think about what would happen to the two of them after Consuela came back. Would the relationship be even worse?

As a matter of fact, I'm Consuela's best friend. I've been looking forward to her coming back but never considered her feelings."

"No. You just hope that she can be happy as soon as possible after all kinds of injuries. As for Aunt Wendy and Uncle Carter, they always live many years longer than us. They can see the deepest things from the bottom of things..."

They chatted with each other in a low voice. As Cassie was sleepy, her voice became lower and lower. When Tim finished a sentence and waited for a long time without her reply, Tim looked down and found that Cassie had fallen asleep.

He shook his head with a smile and gently took Cassie back to the bedroom. After settling her down, Tim gently closed the door and walked out.

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