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   Chapter 660 Flattery

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Sitting on the sofa in the living room and facing the stairway, Wendy was the first to see Tim coming downstairs.

"Tim, why do you come down so soon? Are you worried about Cassie? Are you worried that she won't call you if she leaves?"

Hearing that, Cassie turned her head to have a look. When she heard the last sentence of Wendy, she immediately turned her head back, pretending not to care, but her face slowly turned red.

When Tim entered the living room, he only gave a careless smile.

Walking to Cassie's side, Tim looked down at her and glanced at her bloody ear root. Then he raised his head and smiled at Carter and Wendy.

"Uncle, aunt, Cassie and I have something else to do, so we're leaving now. I'll come to see you next time."

Then he held Cassie's hand and took her to stand up.

With her hands held, Cassie stood up obediently and said goodbye to Richie's parents, "Uncle, aunt, we have to go now."

Carter and Wendy also stood up to see them off. They didn't withdraw their gaze until they saw Tim and Cassie get in the car.

"I'm really happy for them as they love each other so much. But I don't know when Richie can get Consuela's forgiveness."

"Wendy, children and grandchildren have their own lives to live. Don't worry too much. Just let them be."

They whispered and went into the room.

On the other side, Tim drove home with Cassie.

On the way, Tim's face was full of smile, almost humming a song to express himself.

Looking at the smile on Tim's face, Cassie was confused. Why did he was so excited as if he had taken a stimulant after he met Richie upstairs?

Although Cassie had doubts, she thought that although she was no longer angry with him, she couldn't take the initiative and lower her head to talk to him. Otherwise, he would definitely make fun of her with this in the future, so she didn't ask Tim why he was so happy.

After driving for a while, Cassie said in a dry tone, "Put me down at the next intersection and I'll go home."

It was already past nine o'clock. Tim must go to work. She didn't have to go to work today and wanted to have a good rest.

It happened that the next intersection was t

play just now. She stared at it for almost half a minute, but she didn't show expression when I switched to other programs.'

Encouraged, Tim decided to hold on. He smiled at Cassie, who was looking at him, and then he stood up to go to the kitchen.

Her eyes followed Tim until he entered the kitchen. Cassie blinked and felt that Tim was hiding something from her.

Withdrawing her gaze, Cassie looked at the eight o'clock soap opera wearily. She complained in her heart about the heroine's awkward acting skill and the eye-opening story, while waiting for the next action of Tim.

A few minutes later, Tim came out with a big plate full of washed fresh fruit.

Tim put the fruit plate on the table in front of Cassie and he took a seat beside her.

"Honey, eat some fruit. It's fresh."

After saying that, Tim looked fawningly at Cassie who was squinting at him, with her eyes still shining.

At this time, Cassie finally understood that Tim was flattering her and wanted her to forgive him.

Although the anger in her heart had already dissipated, Cassie didn't want Tim to think that she was easy to coax, so she continued to pretend to be indifferent to him.

Seeing that Cassie glanced at him and turned to watch the TV play, Tim bent down to pick up a bunch of grapes from the fruit plate, and then gently picked one.

"Honey, have some grapes. It's the season for grapes to be listed. They are very sweet. Have a taste."

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