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   Chapter 659 Have A Deep Talk With Richie

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"She said she quit the entertainment circle and wanted to work in Sruthan Building. I thought she did a good job in the design department, so I let her stay. "

"But you can arrange her to any department. Why do you choose her to be your assistant?

Although you are not in the company and you don't work with Laura, everyone in the company knows that you won't leave Sruthan Group to an assistant and will come back to the company, which means that you will work together for a long time.

They said that the reason why you didn't show up now was to leave some space and time for Laura to make good friends in the company, and then she would become the wife of the boss and then enter the Ye Clan.

Richie, I know you have feelings for Consuela. It won't be what they think. But I really don't understand why you did that."

At first, Tim only asked, but later, he became more and more excited.

But when he looked over, he found that Richie still maintained that posture, without even moving his eyebrows, let alone the excitement of hearing the rumors in the company.

Tim was amused by Cassie's words. It was really like 'A dog catching mice meddles in cats' Business.'

"Did they really say that?" Asked Richie indifferently.

"Yes, you didn't go to the company. You didn't know it at all. The whole company is in an uproar."

Richie pursed his lips and his eyes darkened. It was not until then that he had some expressions on his face, indicating something to Tim.

"Forget it. It doesn't matter what they say. Anyway, Laura won't be an assistant for a long time. After a period of time, I will find a suitable time to transfer her to the design department.

She used to work in the design department, and she was very experienced. But for the time being, the design department was not short of people, and the personnel department needed to carefully consider the personnel transfer, so I let her be an assistant temporarily."

After Richie finished his words unhurriedly, Tim's knitted brows relaxed.

Laura was transferred to the design department, which could be regarded as leaving the side of Richie. There were so many hierarchy in the company, and ordinary people could not see Richie

d, Tim slowly told him the method that he had heard or read in the book to help sleep. He also felt that although Richie had his eyes closed, he must have heard something.

"Tim." Richie put down his hand and shouted.

"What? What's wrong? " Tim didn't know why Richie suddenly called him. He was confused.

"You sound like my mother..."

Said Richie with a smile.

"Richie, I'm doing this for your own good... But you even think I'm nagging... If it were someone else, I wouldn't have talked to him... "

Tim got angry at once. He had racked his brains to say that for such a long time. The key point of Richie's thoughts was not the methods he had worked hard to come up with, but to think that he was as nagging as an old woman.

"Ha-ha... Ha-ha... "

At this time, Richie's mood was completely released, and he no longer hid it. And the smile lines climbed up the corners of his eyes and eyebrows.

After the joke, Tim sat down for a while and talked about some work with Richie. Then he asked for a day's leave. At last, he went downstairs after advising Richie to have a good rest.

As soon as he arrived at the stairway, Tim heard a burst of laughter from the living room. It was from Cassie, Wendy, and Carter, who had rarely been seen a smile.

After having a deep conversation with Richie and listening to the laughter, Tim thought that since Cassie was laughing so happily, her anger should be partly dispelled, so he went downstairs more briskly.

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