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   Chapter 655 He Is Not In A Hurry

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Since Laura entered the company, Cassie felt like a thorn in her heart.

It was not only because Laura was the ex-girlfriend of Richie, but also because after Consuela left, Richie had never sent any of his subordinates to look for her, even if he checked the flight records of the airport.

Now, Cassie hated Richie very much. In her heart, she had already matched him and Laura into two shameless man and woman.

At the same time, she regretted that she had helped Richie persuade Consuela to come back, because Richie had no such intention at all.

Cassie mocked angrily. On the contrary, the hero, Richie, seemed to have built a barrier around him, and nothing could shake him.

Lowering his head, he kept silent for a long time. Then he slowly raised his head. In a hoarse voice, Richie said, "I'm not feeling well. I'm going upstairs. Enjoy yourselves."

After saying that, Richie stood up with the support of the table and walked upstairs expressionlessly.

Behind her, Cassie tightly grasped the belt of her handbag, gritted her teeth and didn't loose it. Her eyes were like fire, and her other hand clenched into a fist with blue veins popping out.

She said so much not only to mock Richie, but also to cheer herself up and get back Consuela for the sake of the two children.

What she said before was not only for the sake of him.

It was true that she hated Richie and wanted Consuela and Richie to get along well with each other.

But she could still see that even if Richie was such a bastard, he still loved Consuela sincerely. Although what he had done to Consuela when he was a bastard, his love for her was greatly reduced.

As for Consuela, Richie had been living in her heart for a long time.

Now that they had both emotional foundation and two children, anyone would be happy to see the two of them being together.

But she had tried so much, but was deliberately ignored by Richie. It was like a punch on cotton, which made her feel powerless.

Seeing that Richie went upstairs and disappeared at the corner, Tim withdrew his gaze a

t him, and then glanced at the hands of the two.

While Cassie was in a daze, Tim agreed without hesitation.

"Okay, thank you. It just happened that Cassie blamed me for taking her out so early and she hadn't had breakfast yet. Now it's all right. "

"Okay, I'll ask Emily to prepare it. It won't take long."

Then Wendy went into the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

"It's time for Lance to drink milk. I'm going to look for Miranda. Have a seat and drink some water."

One minute after Wendy left, Carter also left the dining room. Now there were only Cassie and Tim left.

Cassie stood still, neither wanted to sit down nor wanted to walk away. Her face was red with anger, and her eyes were staring at Tim.

'You can stay if you want to. Why do you take me as a reason?'

Besides, she complained that she didn't have breakfast before she came here. But after what happened just now, no one was still in the mood to have breakfast. She was so angry that she was full of anger.

Cassie was so angry, but Tim responded to her with anger... He touched her head and said gently, "It's not good for your stomach if you don't have breakfast, good girl." …


Taking a deep breath, he lowered his head to look at his dirty shoes stepped by Cassie, and then saw Cassie walk to the farthest seat from him and sit down. Tim lowered his head and smiled helplessly.

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