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   Chapter 654 I Don't Want To Disturb Her

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"Humph!" Seeing that her anger did not work on Tim, Cassie turned her head angrily.

Facing Richie, Cassie didn't look good either. Thinking of what he had done to Consuela and made Consuela made up her mind to leave and after she left, he accepted Laura as his assistant, Cassie gritted her teeth with hatred.

But on second thought, even if Consuela left, she still loved Richie and gave birth to the boy and girl twins, Cassie felt helpless.

"Where is she? How is she doing?"

Putting down the newspaper in his hand, Richie asked in a low voice.

Cassie sneered, "Since Laura is back, why do you still care about Consuela? You've already let her work in your company as your assistant. Now the next step is to meet your parents and get married. Why do you want Consuela to come back and disturb your happy life?"

Speaking of Laura, Tim's face darkened, because he didn't know what Richie was thinking.

In fact, he loved Consuela, but after Consuela left, he made Laura his assistant, a position so close to him.

But in order to let Richie get Consuela back, Tim stopped Cassie.

"Cassie, he is my friend, and also your friend."

Furious, Cassie didn't care about what Tim said anymore. She still looked at Richie coldly with a smile, not caring at all.

However, Richie didn't care about it at all. He asked patiently, "Where is Consuela? How is she doing?"

"Without your hurt and forgetting the sad things here, she must be fine, but if you find her back, she may not be fine."

If it weren't for you, how could Consuela be in such a situation that she was now in France, and how could she be separated from her son?

As if he didn't understand the meaning of Cassie's words, Richie asked patiently for the third time.

"Where is Consuela now?"

For this question, Cassie tightened her lips and kept silent. She just stared at the void in front of her, as if she couldn't see Richie in front of her.

Cassie didn't want to say anything. Surprisingly, Richie didn't ask or force her. He just looked at her face for a long time.

The two of them were in a stalemate and neither of t

put it down silently. He took back his feet that had just moved. After that, Tim did not make any sound.

Tim respected Richie as his good friend. Seeing that his persuasion didn't work, he couldn't force him anymore.

But Cassie was different. She didn't have as deep friendship as Tim, and because of Consuela, she didn't like Richie much.

Therefore, when Richie didn't intend to look for Consuela, Cassie's face darkened and her eyes were as cold as ice. She threw her eyes at Richie, who was lowering his head slightly.

Wearing high-heeled shoes, she deliberately made a sound on the wood floor. When Cassie approached the table, she deliberately pulled the chair up loud and then heavily put down her handbag.

"Humph! Don't want to disturb Consuela's happy life. I think your ex-girlfriend has come back, so you don't want to be disturbed."

Cassie said these mean words, but because Tim didn't agree Laura to enter the company before, they had a gap in this matter, so Tim didn't say anything, pretending that he didn't hear what Cassie said, and didn't stop her from continuing.

"If you have an ex-girlfriend, you can marry her when the time is right. In this way, you will not only be happy, but also make up for your child's maternal love. In addition, you don't have to make great efforts to find someone in a remote country like looking for a needle in a haystack. Right, Mr. Richie?"

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