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   Chapter 652 Accept

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"You should eat something even if you don't have much appetite. Richelle is still young and needs you to take care of her."

Hearing Terence's words, Consuela lowered her head slowly without saying a word.

Consuela hadn't heard Terence's voice for a long time. She didn't know what had happened. When she was about to raise her head, she saw a glass of water handed to her.

"Drink some water first. I haven't eaten yet. I'll go to see if there's anything to sell. By the way, you can have some."

Taking the glass, Consuela nodded, "Okay."

After getting Consuela's reply, Terence didn't say any more words and turned around to leave the ward.

After slowly drinking half a glass of water, Richelle, who was put on the bed to sleep, was almost awake. Consuela fed her before Terence came back.

After feeding Richelle, she put her on the bed and played by herself. Since she was such a good girl, she didn't have to worry about her too much. Consuela went to clean herself up.

Half an hour later, Terence came back with two paper bags in his hands, from which there was a trace of heat.

"You just had a drip. I was worried that you might not have a good appetite, so I bought you some porridge. I'll hold Richelle for you. You have some first."

As Consuela put Richelle on the sofa, she said, "No, thanks. She's a good girl. You can eat while it's still hot."

With that, Consuela stopped caring about Richelle and opened the lid of the bowl and began to eat slowly.

Seeing this, Terence felt relieved and began to eat the fried rice.

In fact, it was not very convenient to find such food in France. After all, they were not at home. Fortunately, there was a "China City" not far from the hospital, so it was still hot to take them back.

Terence finished eating before Consuela did. He squatted down on the sofa and teased Richelle. He was thinking about how to tell Consuela that Tristan hadn't been found and that he had been confirmed to be dead.

After a while, Consuela finished eating and asked, "Terence, I'm fine now. I think I can leave the hospital."

Hearing Consuela's voice, Teren

ng Richelle, moved a little, as if she had come to her senses.


"What?" Hearing Consuela's words, Terence immediately raised his ears to listen.

"Although I can't find Tristan's body, I want to make a cenotaph for him."

"Okay, I'll go with you to the cemetery tomorrow."

"Well, thank you."

"Have a good rest today. I'll pick you up to see the cemetery tomorrow."

Consuela nodded, "Okay. You should go back and have a good rest. I've troubled you the whole day." She said apologetically.

Terence took the apology seriously and said nothing more. Then he left.

After Terence left, there were only Consuela and Richelle left in the villa. As for Richelle, she was too young to speak or understand, which made the room more desolate.

After seeing Terence off, Consuela sat on the sofa for a long time before she stood up.

Half an hour later, Consuela had already cleared up Richelle and washed herself.

Consuela put the half closed and half sleepy Richelle on the crib beside the bed, and she also lay on the bed gently.

There was such a heavy feeling in her heart. Consuela had cried hard before so that she didn't shed any more tears now. Lying on the bed, she kept thinking. She was not going to sleep well this night.

Three hours had passed since she lay down on the bed. Consuela's brain was still very clear. No, it should be said that she was more and more clear.

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