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   Chapter 651 It's All My Fault

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An hour later, they arrived at the valley where the plane's remains had fallen.

As soon as she got out of the car, she smelled a strong smell of burning oil, mixed with the smell of burning trees around.

"If you can't hold on later, tell me."


As soon as he finished speaking, the two of them walked towards the isolation belt.

Terence stopped in front of the isolation belt. Confused, Consuela turned to look at him.

"My friend is over there. I'll tell him and we can go in."

Consuela nodded and watched Terence walk towards a tall man with blue eyes.

After a while, Terence came back with the friend he mentioned.

"Okay, let's go inside. But don't get too close to the main body of the plane. Some of its remains are still burning, and the temperature hasn't completely dropped."

"Okay." Consuela turned to the foreigner who pulled up the isolation belt for them, nodded to him and followed Terence into the isolation area.

When it was still twenty meters away from the plane, Terence didn't let Consuela get close. He only allowed her to stand there and watch.

As Terence said, there were faint flames faintly coming out of the broken window and some people were putting out the fire.

People kept walking back and forth in the isolation area, passing by the two of them, with a tray in their hands, on which there were some bloody and badly mutilated things.

Before she could see clearly what was going on, Consuela felt the darkness in front of her and her eyes were covered by someone.

At the same time, Terence's voice came from beside her.

"Don't look. Those are corpses and remains. Because the explosion was too violent, until now, there was not a complete body taken out of the cabin, and some of the bodies of the victims were even burnt to ashes. "

Therefore, the chances of survival from such a violent explosion were almost zero.

Consuela's body trembled. She understood what Terence meant, but she still held the hope.

Taking one of her hands out of holding Richelle and gently removing the hand in front of her eyes, Consuela asked in a low voice.

"Maybe, is it possi

ays flowing.

'Tristan, these insignificant but endless tears, if only God could be moved and sent you back.

Tristan, I don't believe that you left and asked Terence to help me. Am I a little stupid? So many people have accepted the result, but I still hold the idea tightly.

Tristan, until now, I still don't want to believe that you have left, but what I have seen forced me to accept.


For the rest of the afternoon, Consuela stayed in the ward. She didn't call for a nurse. She sat there alone with the child in her arms, tears running down her face silently.

In the evening, when Terence returned to the ward, Consuela's eyes were undoubtedly swollen from crying. It was still a little painful to see the light on all of a sudden.

Terence came in and saw no light in the ward. He thought Consuela had fallen asleep.

However, when he opened the door, he could vaguely see the figure sitting on the bed. He turned on the light beside the door and was about to ask her why she didn't turn on the light when she was awake.

Seeing the tear stains and red and swollen eyes on her face, Terence swallowed back what he was about to say.

"Did you have dinner?" Many words in Terence's heart finally turned into this sentence.

After crying for such a long time, Consuela's eyes were swollen, but her voice recovered because of rest.

"Well, I have no appetite, so I haven't eaten anything."

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