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   Chapter 650 I Want To See It Myself

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There was no more words in the car. The conversation between Cassie and Tim about the news of Consuela was over. As the car drove away, only traces and dust were left on the road.

In France, which was tens of thousands of kilometers away, in Provence, at Tristan's home, some sadness had just begun.

After Consuela called Terence, Terence put down his work and rushed to the parking lot of the company. He opened the car door, closed the car door and started the car. All his actions went smoothly without any pause, because he didn't dare to stop.

After travelling through most of the city, Terence finally arrived at Tristan's home.

After parking the car, Terence rang the doorbell.

While waiting Consuela came to open the door for him, Terence inadvertently grasped the doorknob, but found that the door was not locked. He turned the knob and opened it.

With some doubts, Terence stepped into the room and raised his head. He happened to meet Consuela who was about to open the door.

Her clothes were a little wrinkled, but it could be seen that they had been tidied up. Although her eyes were not covered with tears, the traces of crying were still obvious, such as tear stains all over her face and slightly red and swollen eyes.

This was what Consuela looked like now. She broke into Terence's sight with a dull and uneasy look after crying.

He paused for a moment, then came to his senses and walked quickly towards Consuela.

At the same time when Terence saw Consuela, he also saw the whole living room behind Consuela. There was no one else except the two of them, without Tristan.

Seeing that only Consuela was at home, Terence couldn't help but feel a little strange. Since Consuela was crying like this, something must have happened to her. But Tristan, who had been accompanying her at this time, was not there.

In fact, on the way here, Terence thought of Tristan.

Consuela lived with Tristan. Normally, if something happened to Consuela, the first person she would ask for help should be Tristan who lived under the same roof with her, not him.

So, it was only because Tristan wa

A moment later, the two persons and the baby were already in the car.

"After the plane exploded, its body fell into a valley, and so did the passengers' bodies." After a pause, Terence continued, "If you can't stand such a scene, you'd better stay far away from the outside. I'll go in for you."

The plane exploded and no one survived. He had checked the latest news before Consuela had gone downstairs to open the door for him. But it hadn't been long since the accident happened, so there wasn't much news on the Internet. There were only seven words in total.

In fact, there was little chance of survival for Tristan after the plane crash, not to mention the explosion. It was almost impossible for him to survive, so the chance of survival was really small.

But he couldn't stop Consuela from going, so he had to do something in advance to remind her before she could think of it.

Hearing this, Consuela's straight back stiffened because of nervousness. Then she pursed her lips and said in a hoarse voice, "I'm mentally prepared."

Consuela insisted so much that Terence stopped saying anything but spit out the word "Ok".

Since Richelle left home, she hadn't woken up yet. Consuela held her in her arms and patted her from time to time.

'Richelle, good baby. Let's go to find uncle Tristan. Your uncle Tristan is so kind to us. I believe he won't die like this. What do you think, baby?'

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