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   Chapter 648 Worries

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"Maybe he is still alive... So, don't think that he might be dead. Maybe he is struggling somewhere and waiting for rescue."

Although what she said in her heart was that good people didn't live long...

But this was what Cassie was thinking, not to comfort Consuela.

She had changed her opinion of him since she knew that Tristan could leave everything at home and go to France with Consuela.

He dared to pursue what he wanted, and he could also show his magnanimity and tolerance at important moments. He was a big man who was willing to help others.

She felt relieved to have such a person by Consuela's side, although she was a little selfish.

Consuela didn't know what was on Cassie's mind, but she felt a little relieved after hearing Cassie's words because they both hoped that Tristan was the survivor. She also remembered the idea of comforting herself before, so she stopped sobbing for the time being.

Yes, Tristan might be fighting against the God of death in an unknown corner, trying hard to survive.

Consuela sniffed and said in a hoarse voice, "Yes, he won't die. He won't..."

Hearing that Consuela had calmed down, Cassie echoed.

"Yes, he won't die so easily. You have to believe him. He is so tough. How could such a person be willing to die before he finishes all the important things in his life? "

There was a knock on the door.

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door of Cassie's office, interrupting Cassie to continue to comfort Consuela.

"Come in."

Cassie was a little impatient. Didn't they hear any noise in the office? Why did they come in to disturb her?

But as a doctor, she had the basic professional ethics, so she would not talk to her colleagues, patients and family members with her own emotions.

With permission, the door was pushed open, and Cassie quickly hung up the phone.

"Someone is looking for me. I have to hang up. But call me if you need anything. Don't bear it alone. Okay, that's it. "

After hanging up the phone, Cassie put down the phone and looked up to see w

his foot if she could vent her anger.

Cassie stared at him for a long time, but she didn't see any movement of him, so she immediately cooled down. But she worried that Tim would keep pestering him on this matter, so she changed the topic.

"Why do you get off work so early today?" In the past few days, Tim didn't go back home until she finished the dinner. Today was the first time he had come back earliest in a few days.

Tim smiled helplessly, put his arm around Cassie's shoulder and pushed her to the car. Then he got in the car too before answering her question.

"Richie is not in the company. He left most of his work to me. So I was very busy the other day. But after several days of treatment, there was not much left, so I don't need to work overtime.

Besides, I'm a person. I need to rest and accompany my wife. Right, honey?"

In response to Tim's words, Cassie turned her head away to the window, but her red ears still revealed her true feelings.

"That sounds good. You didn't accompany me much when you were an assistant. Humph! " Cassie snorted.

"Well, I've realized what you said. I'll immediately have an epiphany. From now on, I'll spare more time to accompany you, go shopping with you, buy clothes, beautify, and cut hair..."

"Stop! Stop!"

Cassie rolled her eyes and thought, ' What? Beautify? He is a man or a woman?'

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