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   Chapter 647 I Don't Believe It

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"Since Angie has sent Richelle back, that's good."

Cassie relaxed and said in a cheerful tone.

"Look, I've told you that Angie went for Tristan. Even if she took away Richelle, she was not afraid that you could threaten her, but she would still consider that Tristan was angry with her and would not do anything to hurt Richelle."

Speaking of this, Cassie, who was sitting in the office of the hospital, took the tea cup and sipped to moisten her throat. After the warm tea slid across her throat, Cassie let out a long sigh, as if she was sighing.

"To be honest, Angie is pitiful and hateful. She has done so much for a man, but she still gets no return."

When it came to love, she was not afraid of paying. Even if she paid everything, as long as it was true love, she was willing to do it. She was afraid that she would not get any reward after spending everything.

After her enthusiasm was exhausted, except for her cold heart, there were only countless invisible scars left.

In Cassie's eyes, Angie was just like this.

For Tristan, she could do many things to help him. She could lose herself in the past, and she could even sacrifice her body to seduce another man, even if she had loved him before, but now she didn't love him.

'If I were her, I wouldn't be able to do it. I'm not that stubborn and reckless, ' Cassie thought.

On the other side of the phone, Consuela didn't make any sound. She only heard Cassie's voice, and then she responded with a breath.

In fact, she was still worried about Tristan. It was true that Consuela had no interest in discussing Angie's love with Cassie.

Now that she could calm down and not cry out in front of Cassie, she had almost reached the limit of her emotions.

Cassie didn't hear any reply from Consuela. She thought that Consuela didn't want to talk about this topic, so she immediately stopped.

"Consuela, since Richelle has been sent back safely, what did Tristan promise Angie?"

If Tristan hadn't agreed to Angie's request, she wouldn't have sent Richelle back so soon.

When Cassie mentioned Tristan again, Consuela couldn't hold back her tears anymore. Her face and c

Without the full help of Tristan, it was impossible for Consuela to go to France. It was even difficult for her to escape from Richie.

But Tristan had given up everything at home for Consuela and went to France with her, which was enough to show his love for Consuela.

At that time, in H Country, Tristan had shown his love for her. Even an outsider like her could see it clearly. She didn't believe that Consuela wouldn't understand.

Although she understood what he meant, she was willing to go to France with the help of Tristan. Before that, she must have refused him and made him give up the idea.

Consuela had said that, but it didn't mean that Tristan could let go of his feelings. That was why they went to France together.

Perhaps, after all these things, Consuela had a better view of Tristan and had a better impression of him.

It had only been a few days since they had gone to France. Tristan had boarded the plane because he had promised Consuela to save Richelle, and he had lost his life.

At this moment, Consuela must be worried, scared and guilty.

Cassie was sighing.

With a long sigh, Cassie slowly put down the cup and withdrew most of her strength to hold the phone. She was thinking about how to answer it.

"Consuela, don't be so..."

The word remorse was just around her mouth. When Cassie was about to blurt it out, she changed the word again.

"So you think Tristan is really dead..."

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