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   Chapter 646 Pray

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This morning, just two hours ago, Tristan said goodbye to her and told her to do everything carefully.

But two hours later, he had left her forever.

Closing her eyes, Consuela shook her head, trying to get rid of the negative thoughts in her mind.

No, no, even if the plane exploded, there had been survivors, although very few, there were still some.

Although Tristan had been involved in the dark, he had helped many people who were struggling in the slums to change their tumbledown lives.

So, God wouldn't treat Tristan like this. He would be fine and survive.

Even though Consuela was in the twenty-first Century and had received good advanced education, she wouldn't believe these superstitious words.

But at this time, she could only rely on God and pray to God that Tristan would come back safe and sound.

Today's news was still on TV, but the news about Tristan's plane crash didn't go on. It briefly described the number of passengers killed on the plane, and then it ended with the saying it was still under investigation with the reason of the plane explosion and please pay attention to the follow-up news.

Consuela was still sitting on the ground, leaning sideways against the sofa, motionless. Her eyes were focused on the midair, but she was not absent-minded. Just like sitting, her eyes were motionless too.

Yes, she was listening to the news and didn't dare to miss a single word, fearing that she would miss something important.

Although her body was sideways and her face was back to the TV screen, her ears were still controlled by her heart and she was paying attention to the news.

When one piece of the news was over, the anchor cut into another scene and began to broadcast another piece of news.

Consuela's eyes didn't move until quite a while later.

Richelle, who was held in her arms, seemed to be wriggling slightly because she was held too tightly, and her hands were also waving in the air.

Consuela came to her senses and coaxed her in a soft voice.

Perhaps it was because Consuela loosened her grip a little, or perhaps it was because Con

t for a long time.

That was why she said a few words to comfort Consuela in the early morning and hung up the phone.

After hanging up the phone, Cassie went back to the bedroom bed and Tim asked her in a daze. Then he fell asleep with her in his arms after being covered by her, but Cassie could no longer fall asleep.

But Cassie couldn't just get up from the bed, so she stayed in bed until the morning.

In the morning, when Cassie was about to call her after she was not with Tim, she thought of the time difference between the two sides. Perhaps Consuela had just fallen asleep, and she was worried that Richelle couldn't sleep well, so she gave up the idea.

Considering the jet lag, she didn't call to ask about Richelle until she finished an operation in the afternoon.

"Yes." Hearing Angie's name, Consuela paused and then answered in a low voice.

On the other side of the phone, in the H Country, which was separated by mountains and seas. After waiting for a long time, when Cassie heard the word, she immediately relaxed her frown.

Fortunately, Angie was smart enough to send Richelle back immediately.

Otherwise, if Tristan couldn't get rid of her and couldn't save Richelle, she would tell Richie to ask Richie to save Richelle even at the risk of exposing Consuela.

Fortunately, Angie was smart, and Tristan was resourceful. He didn't let anything happen to Richelle.

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