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   Chapter 643 Come With Me (1)

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In the coffee shop, Tristan kept looking at his watch. It had been an hour, but Angie hadn't shown up. The uneasiness in his heart was growing. He finally couldn't help but call her.

"I thought you would never call me." Angie smiled at the other end of the phone and seemed to be in a good mood.

"What the hell do you want?" Tristan said coldly, "I am waiting for you in the cafe."

"Tristan, would you like to go with me now?" Instead of answering Tristan's question, Angie suddenly asked.

Tristan couldn't stand Angie's attitude. He couldn't help asking, "Angie, what the hell do you want?"

"Before I go to meet you, I suddenly thought of Consuela. I haven't seen her for a long time, so I went to see her first and took her child out by the way." There was excitement in Angie's voice, which made Tristan suddenly silent.

Putting Richelle on the bed, Angie stood up and said, "I didn't expect that this baby is so obedient. She hasn't cried all the time. Consuela is so lucky."

"Don't touch her." It took Tristan a long time to find his voice. "Where are you?"

"It doesn't matter where I am. What matters is that I have the baby." Angie turned to look at Richelle whose bright eyes sparkled, which made people feel sorry for her. "Although I'm not a good person, I have never thought of doing anything to the baby."

Tristan was anxious and walked out of the cafe quickly. If Richelle was really in Angie's hands, then Consuela...

"Don't worry. I just make Consuela have a rest. Tristan, I'll give you two choices. One is to go with me, and we'll go to America together. The other is that I'll leave with the baby, so that you and Consuela can't live a peaceful life for the rest of your life. I'll give you one day to think it over. "

The phone was hung up, but Tristan became more and more anxious.

"Consuela." When Tristan opened the door, he saw that Consuel

't help but shout, "Don't talk nonsense. I've told you that Richelle will be fine, so he will be fine. Trust me, okay?"

Tears streamed down Consuela's face, which made Tristan's heart ache. He reached out and held Consuela in his arms. "Don't cry, okay? Don't worry. No matter what price I have to pay, I will bring Richelle back safely. Don't cry, Consuela. Please don't cry..."

He had never begged someone in such a humble manner, nor had he experienced the scene that his beloved woman cried in front of him. He was flustered. "Consuela..."

Sniffing, Consuela hid herself in Tristan's arms and asked, "Did Angie contact you too?"

She was not as stupid as to know nothing. The reason why Angie came to France alone this time was mostly because of Tristan. Maybe it was because of Tristan that she took away Richelle.

Tristan nodded resignedly. "Yes, Consuela. It's all my fault. I should have told you that Angie was here, so that you could be more vigilant..."

"Tristan, I'm not blaming you. I'm just hating myself. It's all my fault. I was too careless. If Angie uses Richelle to threaten you to do anything, you don't have to promise her anything. I can't owe you anything anymore." Getting out of his arms, Consuela forced a strong smile.

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