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   Chapter 642 An Uninvited Guest (2)

If You Want Me By Qing Cha Characters: 6754

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"She is better than you in every aspect."

These words exploded in Angie's ears, instantly surging. "Tristan, you are really a heartless man."

'You are so heartless that you has never seen anyone who wants to be with you all the time. You are so heartless that you even make me begin to be heartless.'

"You too, aren't you?" Tristan snorted, "I advise you to return home honestly, or you can go to the United States. From now on, you can go your own way and I won't see you again."

Angie's eyes gradually dimmed, but a plan suddenly flashed through her mind. She nodded calmly and said, "Well, since you are so cruel, I have nothing to miss. I want to go for a trip myself. You can go now. There is someone waiting for you in your home."

A trace of doubt rose in Tristan's heart. He didn't expect that Angie would say something like that. But when he thought that Consuela had to take care of the child at home alone, he didn't think too much. He nodded and said, "Okay, I'll go first."

Without looking back or showing any nostalgia, he walked away quickly. Looking at the hurried figure of Tristan, Angie could not help but show a bitter smile. Maybe it was because of human nature that the deeper the love for a good person was, the more likely it was to be hurt, and the more likely it was to be abandoned. Obviously, she was the one who was abandoned.

She found a random hotel and slept for half a day. When she woke up, the sun had dyed the ground red, like the color of blood.

Angie's eyes trembled and sent a message to Tristan——

This is the last time I meet you. I will disappear from your life forever. See you in the same place an hour later.

When Tristan, who was playing with Richelle in his arms, saw the message, he somehow felt sorry for her. After all, Angie had been with him for so many years. Even if he had never fallen in love with her, he still had feelings for her. After thinking for a while, he decided to go to the appointment.

He knocked on the door of the study, and

ling and drinking half a glass of water. "Tristan and I picked this place together. You don't have to be so surprised. It must be very hard to take care of the child. Drink some water."

A hint of vigilance flashed through Consuela's eyes. She didn't drink it. "If you have something to say, just say it. If you don't have anything else, you'd better leave now. You know, I don't like you."

"You are right. I don't like you either." Angie smiled, "Are you afraid that I will put medicine in the water?"

Consuela was a person who was easily provoked. Hearing Angie's words, she picked up the glass and gulped it down without hesitation. "I have drunk the water. What else do you want?"

"Consuela, you are so stupid." Angie flicked on Consuela's forehead.

Consuela felt dizzy and her vision began to blur. "Angie, you..."

Before she could finish her words, she fell down on the sofa.

Looking at Consuela's expression, Angie couldn't help laughing. Sure enough, this woman was still so stupid. She covered her with the blanket on the sofa and then held up Richelle. "Consuela, I want to borrow your child for the time being. Don't worry. I'm not cruel enough to hurt a child. I just want him to accompany me."

Afraid that Richie would catch a cold, Angie specially covered her with a blanket and quickly walked out of the room.

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