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   Chapter 635 I Want You To Help Me (1)

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Satisfied, she hung up the phone. All of a sudden, Cassie felt that her depression in the past few days had disappeared. She was happier to receive Consuela's call than to eat ten buckets of ice cream.

On the other side, Consuela, who had been hung up by Cassie for no reason, was lost in thought. Recalling what she had said, she didn't know what to do for a moment.

Richie's unkempt hair and dirty face? She kept loading this scene in her mind, as if it had never happened in her memory, except... She had seen him disheveled in bed, and then there was no sign of anything wrong with him.

Was his frustration really because of her leaving? Or was it because she took away Richelle?

All kinds of thoughts were lingering in her mind, making Consuela unable to think at all. Moreover, Cassie had told her a piece of big news that Laura had come back.

She felt a little uncomfortable, but on second thought, she had already stepped out of the country. What did those things have to do with her? They were just some messy things, and had nothing to do with her.

The most important thing right now was to find a job.

Thinking of this, Consuela began to search for Terence's phone number... It seemed that he hadn't called her for a long time. She didn't know if he had changed his phone number. What was more, he wouldn't use the domestic number all the time, would he?

Although she thought so, Consuela still wanted to have a try. If it weren't for Terence, she would have waited for Terence to talk about it when he remembered her.

She dialed the number that she hadn't dialed for a long time. Consuela was a little nervous for no reason. If the person on the other end of the phone wasn't Terence...

However, these were all Consuela's thoughts. Before the phone rang twice, a familiar voice came from the receiver. Obviously, it also showed some surprise. "Consuela?"

"Yes, it's me." C

e to take Richelle out for a breath of fresh air."

"Terence said he would pick me up soon." Said Consuela.

"In that case, I'll take Richelle out for fun later. Remember to call me when you come back." Tristan nodded with a righteous look.

Consuela smiled. Somehow, she felt something was wrong with Tristan, as if... He seemed to be jealous, but on second thought, she felt that she was narrow-minded.

Just then, the doorbell rang. Glancing at Tristan, Consuela said, "I'm leaving now. Please take care of Richelle. I'll cook something delicious to comfort you when I come back tonight."

Tristan couldn't help laughing at her cute look. "Hurry up."

'Even though you know my feelings and know what I mean, you'd rather shut the door to my true feelings. If I want to get closer, you'd better stay away from me. Even if I want to give you the most real care, you don't want to bother me. Consuela, what do you think of me in your heart?' Tristan thought.

Seeing the door slowly closed, Tristan couldn't help but give a wry smile. He had been surrounded by so many women for so many years, but he didn't have any resistance to Consuela. He was willing to do anything for her, as if he had lost control. He was fearless even if he was spiraled into madness.

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