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   Chapter 623 A Stormy Meal (4)

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The dishes on the table were sumptuous and full of color. Consuela couldn't help snickering in her heart. She didn't expect that the two of them would have put out great efforts in order to secretly compete with each other. It seemed that they would definitely have a wonderful dinner today.

However, Consuela seemed to have ignored one fact. Although the food was well cooked, she, who was in the center of the war, certainly wouldn't eat very happily. Before she started to eat, the atmosphere of tension had been around her. It must be another stormy meal.

The little girl in her arms held the milk bottle with her soft and tender hands. Consuela sat next to Tristan, and Terence sat opposite. If people who didn't know them saw this scene, they would think that the two couple were inviting their friend to dinner.

There was no doubt that the two couple were Consuela and Tristan, and their friend was Terence.

With an indescribable feeling in her heart, Consuela had a smile on her face, but her heart was like a turmoil. It seemed that such a scene she had met before, but at that time, she was his friend, and the people who thought that they were a couple were the two people, Richie and Angie.

"Let's eat first." Noticing that Consuela was absent-minded, Tristan pushed his bowl and said gently.

Terence's eyes were slightly cold, but after all, he could only keep it in his heart and did not say anything. He just picked up the bowl to hide his inner dissatisfaction.

"The braised fish tastes really good. I didn't expect Mr. Terence to be so good at cooking." Tristan picked up some fish for Consuela and put some into his own mouth. He raised his eyebrows and found that it tasted good.

Terence smiled, "If you live outside alone, you should always live a better life. Don't you think so, Mr. Tristan?"

"You are right. We can't lose the quality of our life at any time." Tristan didn't respond.

Consuela felt a little embarrassed between the two of them. She had nothing to do with either of them, but when the two of them sat together, she cle

common memories, and the feelings that had withered before they bloomed. Even if Consuela said that they had disappeared, he believed that as long as he insisted, he could find them back.

"It's getting late. I'm leaving now, Mr. Tristan. I'll treat you to dinner next time." Terence stood up and gave Tristan an innocent smile. Then he turned around and walked out of the dining room.

With a smile on his face, Tristan followed Terence out of the room. Seeing that Tristan was still there, Terence couldn't help but say, "Consuela didn't eat much tonight. Remember to ask her to eat some later."

"Mr. Terence, you don't need to worry about these things. Of course I will remember." Tristan still smiled, but there seemed to be a touch of cold provocation in his smile.

That was right.

Terence thought to himself.

"Well, in that case, I'm leaving now. Mr. Tristan, please go back. See you next time." Terence nodded at Tristan and said, "No need to send me back."

The last ray of light in the setting sun had disappeared from the west mountain, and the hazy evening glow had also disappeared into the darkness. Standing in front of the window, Consuela held Richelle in her arms. Looking at the seemingly harmless greetings between the two men at the gate of the house, she could not help but shake her head, turn around and lie on the bed with the child in her arms.

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