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   Chapter 621 A Stormy Meal (2)

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As expected, the expression on Terence's face changed slightly. This name seemed a little strange to him, but he was so familiar with it. When he was in school, he chased after Consuela wholeheartedly. At that time, he specially wrote a love letter, but in the end, the love letter was not sent to Consuela's hand, because of Adriana.

"I've already been disconnected." Terence suppressed his inexplicable resentment towards Adriana spreading on the bottom of his heart and said.

Consuela nodded. She didn't dare to go on. After all, if she continued to say that, it might bring up some bad memories to him. If so, it would be her fault.

"Well... What kind of meat do you like to eat? Pork braised in brown sauce? Steamed? Or shredded pork? Or... " Consuela scratched the back of her head, as if she couldn't find anything to change the topic. The two of them happened to walk to the meat section. Looking at the various kinds of meat on the fridge, she couldn't help but ask.

Terence shook his head and smiled. Consuela was still afraid of hurting others as before. If she had been a little cruel to Adriana, he might have been the one who was with her now.

However, no one could change a person's personality. Perhaps it was because the fate was not enough that they missed each other again and again.

Now that she appeared in his life again, did it mean that the fate of the past could be continued?

"Anything is okay. I won't choose." Terence replied with a smile.

At this time, Tristan had already selected a few kinds of meat. Seeing that the two of them were looking at the meat in front of the fridge, he pushed the cart over and said, "The meat here is not fresh. I have just bought it over there. Do we need anything else? If not, we can go back now. Consuela, have you decided what to cook for us?"

Hearing Tristan's question, Consuela raised her eyebrows. She took over Richelle and held her in her arms. While massaging her little face, she said, "You'll know when the time comes. What's your hurry?"


hen. You two take care of Richelle. She's a good girl."

It was not until she entered the kitchen with the meat and vegetables that Consuela heaved a sigh of relief. She was so tired to be sandwiched between the two men. Now she suddenly felt that the kitchen was a very comfortable place. At least, she didn't need to see the two of them seeming to be calm but stormy.

However, even in the kitchen, something inevitably happened. It was not something that could be avoided easily. It was only quiet for a while, and the voice of the two came in again.

"You haven't taken care of a child, have you?" Tristan said. Through the glass, she could see clearly that Tristan was holding Richelle with one hand and a rattle with the other. He looked like a kind father.

This feeling made Consuela speechless. Suddenly, the image of Richie popped up in her mind. If it were him, would he take care of the child in the same gentle way?

"No." Just as Consuela was lost in various fancies and conjectures, Terence's voice came over.

However, even so, the familiar figure kept appearing in her mind, making her unable to wash vegetables. The leaves in her hands were torn into pieces. It was not until then that she realized that. She quickly cleaned up the mess. Sure enough, if she couldn't do two things at the same time, something terrible would happen.

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