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   Chapter 619 It's you, Terence

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"Why are you smirking at me?" After two bites, Consuela suddenly found that the man opposite her was staring at her with his sparkling eyes, with an incredulous smile on his face.

The smile on Tristan's face didn't fade away. He opened his mouth and said, "I just think that you are really charming when you smile like this. Consuela, can you smile more in the future?"

Not knowing what to say, Consuela nodded and thought for a while. "Okay, I'll smile happily every day in the future. Don't worry. It's not only for myself, but also for Richelle."

"That's right. Let's eat. It won't taste good if it's cold." Tristan said. In order not to be scolded by Consuela again, he began to gulp down the food.

The two of them had a very happy first meal in France. After dinner, Tristan pulled back Consuela, who was going to wash the dishes, and asked her to take care of the child. As for cleaning up the mess, he would do it.

Since they were full, they naturally wanted to have a rest. Tristan took Consuela upstairs. The decoration upstairs looked much warmer than downstairs, and the pink wall made her feel good involuntarily.

"This is the room I prepared for you. There is a baby room next to it. When Richelle gets older, she can sleep in it. She lives with you now. I've also arranged a baby bed next to your bed. My room is next to the baby room. If anything happens to Richelle at night, you can just shout at me." As he spoke, he opened the bedroom door and said, "Have a look. Do you like it?"

Consuela raised her head and saw a big double bed. The color of the quilt was her favorite simple style. The light grey color was exactly the same as the one she bought at the Ye Clan.

The crib was next to the big bed, which was very convenient. Consuela felt warm in her heart. She didn't expect that Tristan was so considerate that he could take care of all these unimpressive details.

"Yes, I really like it." Consuela nodded.

"I chose the closet. Maybe it's not so feminine. If you don't like it


At that time, Terence chased her very eagerly. Later, a lot of things happened because of Adriana, which broke the relationship between the two of them. Now when she saw him here, she felt as if it had been separated for a lifetime.

"It's me. Why are you in France?" Terence felt a little strange. After all, as the wife of Richie, she should be treated as Mrs. Richie in the Ye Clan now. Why was she here? She was still shopping and buying some food?

Consuela frowned and didn't know what to say. After thinking for a while, she said, "Something unexpected happened, so I came out to relax. France is a good country, so I want to live here."

"Are you going to stay in France?" Terence's eyes lit up, "Where are you living? There is still a room in my house. If you don't mind... "

"Consuela, I bought three cans of milk powder for Richelle. Do you think it's enough?" Just then, Tristan came over with Richelle in his arms. The smile on his face disappeared when he saw Consuela talking to a strange man.

"This is..." Terence took a look at Tristan and felt a little confused.

With a smile, Consuela said, "This is my good friend, Tristan Gu. He has the same surname as you. You are from the same clan. Tristan, this is my classmate in high school, Terence Gu."

"Hello." Tristan nodded.

"Hello." Terence nodded as well.

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