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   Chapter 616 Tracking At The Airport(1)

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"Consuela, you know that under the current situation, we can't take Lance away or go back. If you have to do this... None of us can leave today." Although Tristan was not a parent, he could understand the feelings. Seeing that Consuela was full of anxiety, he could do nothing about it. It was almost the time for the tickets to be checked, so he didn't have much time to care about it. "There are still twenty minutes left. Consuela, it's up to you."

Hearing this, Consuela was stunned and her eyes darkened. The two children were her sweethearts. At least, Lana could stay with her all the time. But Lance had just been found, and he would probably be taken away again. How could she feel comfortable?

However, since things had come to this, there seemed to be no other choice. The little girl in her arms looked at her with her big eyes. Her soft body made her lower her head and kiss her. "Lana, you have to live in a new place with me in the future. I will take good care of you."

Tristan stood beside Consuela. When he heard what Consuela said, he couldn't help smiling. He knew that once she said that, it meant that Consuela wouldn't go back, and that she really wanted to make a thorough decision with the past.

At the same time, most of the people at the party were drowsy after drinking. On the contrary, Richie kept his eyes wide open and looked at the door. Consuela had left for half an hour, and the party was very quiet. He couldn't help frowning, as if he had discovered something.

A bad feeling flashed through his mind. He quickly took out his phone and dialed Consuela's number. As he expected, the phone was powered off and a cold female voice rang.

All of a sudden, he stood up. At the thought of what Consuela had just said, Richie felt dizzy and in a cold sweat. 'Is this woman trying to escape from me like this?' he wondered. She knew that the wedding would be

e were only five minutes left before the tickets were checked in.

Holding the baby in her arms, Consuela turned around subconsciously. For some reason, there was a glimmer of hope in her heart. If she could see Richie again here, perhaps this absurd and boring first half of her life would be a complete end.

But after looking around for a long time, the man didn't appear. She knew that he wouldn't appear anyway. She took a deep breath and turned around. But she didn't see that at this time, Richie's anxious face had already flashed into the crowd.

There were many people in the airport. Looking around, Richie finally saw the familiar face at the ticket gate. When he was about to run over, he found that it was time to check in, and the entrance to the airport was closed at this time.

"Consuela!" Richie almost used up all his strength to call out the name. He had never been so eager for her to turn back like now. If she could come back, he was willing to do everything in exchange, as long as she could come back.

Obviously, Consuela heard Richie's voice. She shivered and wanted to turn around.

Tristan put his hand on Consuela's shoulders and said indifferently, "Don't look back. If you turn around, you won't be able to leave again."

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