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   Chapter 612 The Conspiracy To Leave (3)

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Hearing this, Jack's eyes lit up. He didn't look at the design drawing. After all, it was designed by him. No one knew his design better than him. But he didn't expect that Consuela would make such a suggestion. "It seems that you also have artistic cells. You're good at it! Can you take a look at the other pieces and give me some valuable advice?"

Seeing that Jack suddenly became interested in her advice, Consuela thought she had unnecessary trouble just now. Judging from Jack's expression, it was obvious that he also knew these flaws. It seemed that he was here to test her? Putting the drawing aside, Consuela ignored Jack's question with a smile. After all, in front of a design master, Consuela shouldn't have said her opinion directly. Because Jack always had his own ideas.

Noticing the awkward situation, Wendy knew that Consuela wasn't familiar with Jack, so she came up to him and said, "Jack, don't make things difficult for Consuela. She just gives some advice according to her preferences. Don't take it seriously. Besides, it seems that Consuela is very satisfied with the design of the wedding dress. Now it's time for Richie to come back and decide on his dress."

"You are right!" It could be seen that Wendy liked Consuela very much. Even if he had something to say to Consuela, he wouldn't say it against her.

Wendy would have brought Jack to have lunch, but when she looked at the time, it was almost one o'clock. She clapped her hands and said, "It seems that I have a bad memory. Let's go. The lunch should be ready."

It was time for lunch, but not long ago, Consuela had to accompany her because there was a guest at home. After all, this guest was the one who designed the wedding dress for her, so Consuela couldn't go.

"The meals in your house are always so delicious. Richie is really lucky." Looking at the lunch in front of him, Jack who hadn't eaten authentic Chinese food for years, was very attractive. Hearing this, Wendy picked up the braised chi

uch a young age." Looking at the two babies in their arms, Rose praised them. Consuela could tell that she liked the two babies very much. Hearing her praise of her children, she felt proud. Having two smart children was the most proud thing for a mother.

"You can go out for lunch. Let's take care of the babies for a while." The two of them hadn't had lunch yet. Wendy wanted to talk to Consuela, so she caught her here after Jack left. After the two of them went out, Wendy sat down on the fluffy carpet with one baby in her arms. Consuela knew that she had something to say to her, so she sat down with the other baby in her arms. Feeling the softness of the blanket, Consuela knew that the blanket was specially prepared by Richie's mother, in order to prevent the children from getting cold or falling on the ground when they climbed.

"Consuela, I just want to ask you to live a good life with Richie. In our family, no one will bully you again in the future." Looking at Consuela, Richie's mother blurted out what she had always wanted to say to her. The woman always had a more accurate intuition than the man. Although Consuela had been well cooperated with the arrangement of the wedding, and there was no depression between her eyebrows. She looked much better sometimes, but Wendy was still worried about her son.

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