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   Chapter 611 The Conspiracy To Leave (2)

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"I won't give up as long as there is a chance," Consuela continued

"Then wait for my news!" Upon hearing this, Tristan understood why Consuela didn't want to give up the children. Therefore, he had to help her take the children with her no matter how hard it was.

After hanging up the phone, Tristan turned around and went into his room directly without looking at Angie who almost had sex with him just now. Angie followed him closely. Seeing that the man in front of her put on his clothes one by one, she asked, "Mr. Tristan, where are you going?"

Tristan, who was about to tie his tie, pretended not to hear her. He quickly tidied up his clothes and took the key from the head of the bed. Before passing by Angie, he took a look at the woman who was about to follow him. "Don't do it next time!" He didn't ask why Angie was lying beside him when he woke up the whole night. It could be seen that Consuela agreed to leave with him, which made him happy.

After hanging up the phone, Consuela sat on the edge of the bed dejectedly. Since she knew that Johnson and Linda were not her parents, Consuela didn't want to stay in this city anymore.

Consuela felt that she might need to leave the city to avoid everyone she knew. She also wanted to go to other cities, but it was safer to go abroad!

During this period of time, Consuela had known that she had hidden herself well. She had never revealed her signs of leaving the city to everyone in the Ye Clan, even the servants.

However, she knew that with her own efforts, she must have been taken back by Richie before she entered the airport.

Now she had to rely on Tristan to help her plan of leaving L city. While letting out a sigh of relief, Consuela felt that she still had to do something.

Consuela contacted her classmate who was working in the lawyer's office and asked him to draw up a divorce agreement for her. Her classmates were confused by the fact that Consuela wanted a divorce agreement. After all, everyone knew that the next leader of the Ye Grou

The wedding dress was made of white, and it was covered with a long, light rose golden veil. There weren't many decorations in the whole wedding dress design. It was simple and showed the beautiful figure of the woman in a decent way. The wedding dress perfectly outlined the woman's plump chest, slender waist, and plump buttocks... It gave people a fresh, refined and attractive feeling!

Noticing that Consuela's eyes were fixed on this wedding dress, Jack, who was sitting next to her, stroked his chin. It seemed that this woman had a good eye!

Generally, after a woman looked at these drawings, she would first focus on those complicated and high-end wedding dresses, and rarely pay attention to the monotonous design drawings.

"Consuela, which one do you like? !" Noticing that Consuela couldn't take back her sight on the design drawing, Jack asked in confusion, interrupting Consuela's appreciation.

"The wedding dress you designed is really hard to get! How can I be lucky enough to have you design so many wedding dresses of different styles for me?" Putting down the design drawings in her hand, she took out one of the drawings. The patterns on the wedding dress were complicated. Consuela said, "These patterns are actually very impressive. If you can remove these decorations, the value of the wedding dress will be more obvious!"

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