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   Chapter 610 The Conspiracy To Leave (1)

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Patting the door frame, the man sneered. When he was about to say something, he was pushed aside by Consuela. He looked at the woman but she said, "I'm hungry!" After that, she turned around and was about to leave. Flames of fury shot out from his deep eyes. He took a step forward and pulled Consuela back. "Consuela, you haven't explained yet!" He knew that he didn't have much patience!

"Please don't make trouble out of nothing!" She raised her hand again and knocked off his hand which held her hand.

The door was open, then it was closed.

Consuela walked downstairs leisurely.

Miranda, who was doing the cleaning work downstairs, walked up to Consuela as soon as she saw her. "Mrs. Richie, are you hungry? Please sit down for a while. I'll bring the food out now! The food prepared in the kitchen today is your favorite!"

Following Miranda, Consuela sat down at the table. With a smile on her face, she said, "Then hurry up. I'm drooling after hearing that!"

Seeing that Consuela finally smiled again, Miranda sighed and went into the kitchen with a smile.

Miranda was quick enough to bring the warm food out of the kitchen with Carol who was preparing lunch.

Looking at the dishes in front of her, Consuela felt even more hungry. Although she was very hungry, she still ate slowly. For the man who didn't have breakfast like her, she chose to ignore him.

After dinner, Consuela found that the two babies were not at home, so she asked Miranda where they were going. Miranda told her that Richie's mother and Rose had taken them out to buy baby products. Consuela thought that the children were not at home and they would have lunch in a little while, so she decided to wait for them at home for lunch.

Sitting on the sofa in the living room and watching TV, Consuela didn't show any interest in the soap opera.

When Richie went downstairs, he saw the woman turning over the TV program wearily.

"Hey, I h

t he had said yesterday and call him!? A surge of joy suddenly surged up in his heart, and his tone was somewhat urgent. His hand holding the phone suddenly tightened, and he couldn't wait to say yes. "Of course it's true. I have never lied to you, haven't I?"

Thinking that Consuela had promised him, Tristan almost lost his mind. He asked concisely, "When are you going to leave? !" Tristan immediately knew what was on Consuela's mind. Now that she had asked, she had made up her mind to leave!

"Yes, but I want to take my children with me," said Consuela. She knew that it would be hard for her to take care of her children alone in the future, but she wouldn't give up her children, no matter how hard it would be. "Let's go abroad together!"

Frowning, Tristan leaned back on the balcony. Through the transparent glass, he could see Angie only wearing underwear. But now, all of his thoughts were not on Angie. "Consuela, you should know that I can take the children with me away from Richie, but I need a little time!"

Hearing Tristan's heavy voice on the other end of the phone, Consuela heaved a sigh of relief when she knew that she had a chance to take her children with her. Although she knew it would be a little risky, she wouldn't give up her child unless she had to!

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