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   Chapter 609 The End Of The Wedding (4)

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At this time, his parents were holding their babies downstairs. They didn't know what was going on upstairs, but they believed that nothing would happen. After all, in Wendy's opinion, nothing would happen no matter how much trouble they made.

"Miranda, please prepare some hot food in the pot. When Richie and Consuela get up, they can eat directly after coming down." Although she thought so, she was still worried that her son and daughter-in-law would be hungry. As she spoke, she swayed the rattle in her hand non-stop, and the baby in her arms giggled. On the other side, the baby in Richie's father's arms heard the sound of the little rattle, and immediately pounced forward with his little arms and legs.

Carter smiled and held the baby in his arms. He looked at the two babies who were staring at the rattle without blinking. They looked very cute.

"Oh, my little baby, you want to play, too? I'll bring you another one! " Wendy smiled and took another small rattle from the tea table. Carter took it and put the rattle in the baby's arms. Although the baby was small, he was not hesitant to pick up the rattle.

When he couldn't grab one hand, he began to grab it with two hands! In the eyes of Richie's parents, this baby was so smart!

"Hey, old man, the babies don't have names yet! Do we always call them honey?" It suddenly occurred to Wendy that the little babies didn't have names yet.

It was true. Carter thought that since the two babies were born, Consuela and Richie hadn't named the babies yet.

"It's very important to name the babies," said Carter hesitantly. But then he thought of the babies' names and asked Richie and Consuela to name them. Looking at Wendy who was eager to have a try, he knew that she was about to name the babies. "Let's discuss it with Richie and Consuela. Otherwise, if we don't name them well, Richie and Consuela will be unhappy."

Carter's words made sense, but she still didn't give up the idea of naming the babies. "How about this? They two name the babies' legitimate names, then it

and rolled to the other side with the quilt. As if she hadn't seen the pain of the man being beaten, Consuela got up from the bed as if nothing had happened and put on her clothes calmly.

In fact, Richie, who was attacked, didn't feel very painful. After all, he was covered with a quilt. Looking at the back of the woman out of his control, he lazily leaned against the bed and continued to ask, "How did you meet him yesterday?"

Consuela smoothed her hair and didn't want to answer the man's jealous question. No matter how horny she was, she couldn't have sex with any man.

After getting dressed, Consuela suddenly burst into laughter. She turned to the man and said, "We haven't held our wedding yet!" After saying that, she turned around and went into the bathroom without waiting for the man to think carefully about what it meant.

"What do you mean? !" Sure enough, the vigilant man exploded like a cat caught by someone. When he was about to catch up to ask, the woman had locked the door of the bathroom.

Not knowing if it was his illusion, Richie felt that the distance between him and Consuela seemed to be getting farther and farther. This feeling had become stronger after yesterday!

When she was ready, Consuela opened the door and saw Richie standing at the door. She was scared. She looked up at the man and asked, "What are you doing?"

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