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   Chapter 607 The End Of The Wedding (2)

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"Wow!" Jack raised his eyebrows and didn't get annoyed. He looked down at Richie and said, "Let's find an opportunity to have a drink."

"Anytime!" Replied Richie, squinting at him.

"Well, Jack, we have already measured the size. Now we are waiting for you to design a unique wedding dress! Please do your best. The price is absolutely not a problem! "

"What are you talking about, Aunt Wendy? I give it to Richie and Consuela. How could I let you pay for it?" Jack rolled his eyes and refused. He looked at Richie, who was following closely behind Consuela, and said, "Besides, even if it have to be paid, it shouldn't be you. This is the first business Richie has brought to me since I came back!"

Looking at the two smiling people, Richie looked down at his phone. It was already twelve o'clock at noon. Richie reached out to hold Consuela's hand. It was soft and smooth, which made the man scratch her palm. Sure enough, the woman turned her head and glared at him.

With a smile at the corners of his mouth, Richie turned to his mother and said, "Mom, it's twelve o'clock. We should go back!"

"Ah! Look, Jack, I forgot the time when I talked to you. How about you have lunch with us?" Wendy looked at him, she thought it was good to let Carter meet Jack too.

Unexpectedly, Jack shook his head and pointed at his wedding photography shop. He said to Wendy with regret, "Aunt Wendy, you see, I have something else to do later. And Consuela's wedding dress hadn't taken shape yet. I'm not going. Aunt, you'd better go back now. Richie's skin is rough and thick. It's okay to starve. But don't starve you, and don't starve Consuela! "

Before Wendy could say anything, Richie kicked Jack and glared at him. "Are you itchy?! What did you say? How could you tell that my skin is rough and thick? !"

"Aunt, look, Richie still doesn't admit it!" Jack moved aside and hid behind Wendy.

Wendy smiled and said nothing.

ill wanted to ask. Putting down his chopsticks, Richie looked up at Consuela without saying anything.

But judging from his gesture, Consuela knew he was asking her whether he could go with her or not.

Shaking her head, Consuela stood up and went upstairs. She vaguely heard Richie's father say, "Don't push her too hard."

When Consuela came downstairs, she had changed her clothes. Looking at the woman who was about to go out, Richie stopped her and said, "You just came back. You'd better have a rest before you go."

"No, I'm not tired. Besides, I don't walk. I'm driving." With an alienated smile on her face, Consuela refused. This time, Richie didn't stop her.

Wendy also lost her appetite. Looking at her son and daughter-in-law like this, she felt a little uncomfortable, but she did not forget to say to her son, "Richie, let her be alone."

Consuela was driving on the road, sometimes slowly and sometimes fast. Gradually, Consuela began to feel as calm as water. Wendy was right. She just wanted to be alone now.

L City was a rich and luxurious first tier city, which was not inferior to the city of Beijing or Shanghai.

Consuela had so many memories in this city. She was so familiar with it that she could find her own home even when she closed her eyes.

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