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   Chapter 601 The Prelude To The Wedding (2)

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It was rare for her son and daughter-in-law to be so harmonious. Holding their grandson and granddaughter in arms, she told the two of them that they would take care of the children tonight. Before Consuela refused, the two of them had already left with the children in their arms. Consuela stood up and wanted to chase after them, but was stopped by Richie in the end.

"What are you doing? !" With a sullen face, Consuela glared at the tall man who reached out his hand to stop her. If she could, Consuela would tear the troublesome man into pieces.

Of course, she could only think about it in her mind.

Raising his eyebrows, looking at the woman who had only been obedient for a while after eating and drinking enough, Richie directly held her in his arms and dragged her slender and plump body to the bedroom upstairs. While walking, he said playfully, "The children have finally been taken away by my parents. Tonight, we have sweet words to talk about."

Leaning against Consuela's ear, the man deliberately said the two words "sweet words" in a low and ambiguous way. He was satisfied to see the woman's red earlobes because of his words. Seeing the woman's resistance, the man walked to the corner and bent over to hold the woman up.

"What are you doing! Put me down!" Consuela didn't expect that the shameless man would pick her up in a hurry. She had no time to worry about where the children would sleep tonight.!

"No way. If I put you down, you might run to my parents and bring the children back." Richie changed his strong and pressing appearance and held the woman more tightly. No matter how hard she struggled, he wouldn't let her down. In his words, it was impossible!

Hearing such rogue words, Consuela could only roll her eyes. Lying in the man's arms, she could see the pride of the man's mouth without any effort on the front edge!

'Damn it! I'm afraid that what he is thinking about is his lower body every day?! Sure enough. Men are really the most hateful thing!'


drove out the woman who thought herself smart.

But he didn't know that the woman he had driven out of didn't leave his home.

Angie had been sitting in the living room downstairs for a long time. She knew that the man upstairs was still drinking, but she didn't dare to disturb him. Angie touched the scratch on her neck, which was caused by the dispute when she was refused to drink a glass of wine in front of him.

She sat on the sofa alone. The silence in the darkness made her feel safe, but it was just a thought of deceiving herself. Deep in her heart, she should be sad, not only for herself, but also for the man inside.

The two hearts, which had the same state of mind because of different persons, could never come together.

Angie knew better than anyone else why Tristan behaved like this, but she felt more heartbroken because she knew it clearly.

Since Richie picked up the woman and the children directly from the hospital, Angie knew that Tristan had been calculating the time. On the one hand, he wanted to give Consuela some time to figure out the relationship between her and Richie. On the other hand, he wanted to give Consuela some time to sort out her emotional trauma during this period of time... No matter what the reason was, it was for the sake of Consuela.

Finally, the time had come to an end.

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