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   Chapter 600 The Prelude To The Wedding (1)

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Looking at the woman who was obviously escaping, Richie's deep eyes instantly narrowed. Pressing her in an oppressive posture, he slightly lowered his stiff eyebrows and unhappily looked at the woman who closed her eyes tightly and didn't want to see him.

All of a sudden, Richie chuckled in a low and depressed voice, which echoed in Consuela's ears. He moved closer to Consuela and said sarcastically, "Consuela, I didn't expect that such a thing could suppress you? It turns out that you are just a coward."

The woman was right in front of him. But for no reason, Richie felt that there was an invisible wall between him and her. Although it was not thick, it was true that there was one between them.

Looking at Consuela, who still didn't respond at all, a gust of anger surged into his mind. He suddenly sat up, took a cigarette from the bedside table, leaned against the bed, and lowered his head and lighted the cigarette. He just took a smoke, and then impatiently put out the cigarette.

Consuela didn't like the smell of cigarettes. He didn't smoke for a long time before. Sometimes he couldn't help it. He just avoided not smoking in front of her, so he took a few puffs, which was regarded as relieving his greediness.

Under the invisible sight of Richie, the woman lying on the bed slightly trembled her eyelids and some tears were flowing out in. It could be seen that she was struggling in her heart.

She opened her eyes and looked at the ceiling blankly. She didn't want to think of anything, or she didn't dare to think at all. Because of the mockery of Richie, she felt very uncomfortable.

Cowardice was only something that a loser and an escapist would do. A faint smell of cigarette surrounded her nose. It was not until then that Consuela realized that it was Richie who was smoking. He had only taken a drag on his cigarette and the cigarette was extinguished. Perhaps it was because of her.

Escaping from reality would never solve the problem. Consuela heaved a sigh of relief and sat up. This was Richie's room, and

t if the baby goes to bed early, he will wake up in the middle of the night. By then, he will wake you up? !"

As soon as he heard that the woman had changed her mind to take away the children, he felt a little helpless. He couldn't help but sigh that women were really capricious. A moment ago, she said that she was hungry and wanted to eat something, but as soon as she came downstairs, she saw the children and said that she wanted to hold them... He had no choice but to ask Rose, who was standing beside his parents and taking care of the baby as well, to make some noodles.

He walked up and greeted his parents. Then he pulled Consuela to sit down, reached out his hand and smoothed her hair that had fallen down, and said, "Look at you. The children are having a good time. They don't seem to be sleepy at all. Why are you so anxious to let them sleep?"

At first, Richie's mother was a little sad because her daughter-in-law called her auntie, but now she became happy because her daughter-in-law didn't resist her son's intimacy. Wendy winked at Carter and smiled knowingly. They thought that their son's help would be effective.

Sitting down next to Richie, Consuela knew what his mother was thinking. She hadn't called them dad and mom since she moved in the Ye Clan this time.

"Okay, I got it," replied Consuela, and she did not insist any more.

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