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   Chapter 599 Kidnapping (5)

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She had found her lost baby now. Nothing was happier than this.

At this time, the young man's grandmother came over. Looking at Consuela, who was crying involuntarily, she said, "Oh, my little girl, don't cry. It turns out that the baby is yours? Someone asked me to take care of her not long ago, and I'm waiting for you to pick her up."

With a glance at the old lady, Richie asked her who gave her the baby. At that time, the old lady only looked at the baby in her arms and didn't notice who he was. She only knew that it was a handsome man who gave the baby to her.

Hearing this, all the people knew that someone was helping Sheryl in secret, but they didn't know who the person was, but for the sake of his good vision, he took the initiative to keep the child, so they didn't pursue him for the time being.

Sheryl had the help of someone. It seemed that he couldn't catch this woman today. Richie thought as long as Sheryl stayed abroad and didn't want to come back, he would let her go for the sake of this man he hadn't met before!

Consuela expressed her thanks to the old lady and her grandson, but the young man refused. He said that he would come back as soon as possible, and his family was waiting for them.

She held her daughter in her arms and kissed her hard for several times before she finally felt relieved.

As soon as the matter was over, the airport immediately returned to flight. The security officers who had blocked all the exits instantly retreated, as if nothing had happened before.

Thinking that most of the men had come, Tim took Cassie's hand and left. Cassie was worried about Consuela, but she was stopped by Tim. He dragged her away and took some of his men with him.

As a result, there were only three people left, Richie, Consuela and the baby. At this time, Consuela didn't want to care about what had happened between her and Richie. All she was thinking about was her daughter and son, Thinking that her son was still with Tristan, she asked Richie to send her to the hospital. She heard that the b

The members of the Ye Clan all saw the changes in Consuela. Richie's mother was worried and always wanted to stay with Consuela. However, Consuela could always think of a reason to refuse her. Even if Richie's mother and father wanted to hold the grandson or the granddaughter, they had to spend a lot of effort.

A few days ago, Richie's parents sat in the room with their grandson in their arms. They said that something was wrong with their daughter-in-law, Consuela. If things went on like this, it would be terrible!

So they thought about it for a while. Although the daughter-in-law and son had got the marriage certificate, they seemed to owe her a serious wedding!

Therefore, there was the saying that the wedding would be held on tenth in November.

At the same time, like his parents, Richie was also worried about Consuela. As the man next to her, he was the most aware of Consuela's resistance to others.

"Consuela," Richie said as he pressed her against the bed. He lowered his head and kissed her forehead. "What are you worried about? What are you escaping from? Tell me, okay?"

Unable to bear the lifeless look of Consuela, Richie decided to force her to accept the reality.

Lying on the bed, Consuela looked at the man above her. Hearing his undisguised questioning, she closed her eyes tremblingly and refused to answer the question.

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