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   Chapter 597 Kidnapping (3)

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Sheryl, who had no extra thoughts, just wanted to leave without a stop with the baby. At the same time, she was highly vigilant in case that she was found before she went out. Soon, she appeared at the airport with the baby, regardless of her car. She got off the car and ran to the security checkpoint.

At the same time, after handing the child to Judy, according to the kidnappers' requirements, Linda withdrew three million cash from the bank and went to the BZ Road designated by the kidnappers to wait for the kidnapper's contact person.

The BZ Road was a very remote road. Linda couldn't drive on the halfway, so she had to walk on foot. Taking the suitcase with money in it out of the car, Linda carried it with difficulty and continued to walk forward alone.

They might not know that their nest had been destroyed. At this time, they still thought that their plan was flawless. There was a deserted house at the top of the BZ Road. No one had lived there for many years.

They tied Johnson up in this small room, leaving only three people here to take care of him, and sent two people to wait at the BZ Road. As long as they saw Linda, after confirming that there were no policemen following them, they would directly knock him out, and grabbed the money and continued to tie up Johnson to transfer to another place.

Just as what Ron said, these millions were just a small profit to them for so many years. The biggest reward was still ahead!

Johnson woke up from a daze. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw himself tied back to a shabby pillar. He couldn't get rid of it even if he made a move!

Ron, the main kidnapper, was smoking when he saw Johnson wake up. He took a drag on his cigarette and blew it out. He opened his mouth full of yellow teeth and said arrogantly, "Oh, boss, you're awake. If you don't wake up, you won't be able to wait for y

elative network, Richie exerted pressure on the airport, trying to delay the nearest two flights of the plane!

Along the way, Consuela and Cassie were praying that they could stop Sheryl in the middle of the way!

Luckily, on the way, Consuela received the call from Tristan to tell her that her son had been saved!

This was undoubtedly good news!

Consuela, who was suffering both physically and mentally, was half relieved. Now she only had to get her daughter back on the way!

After hearing the news that Tristan had saved the child before Mark, Richie was a little surprised. His handsome eyebrows raised and his eyes narrowed slightly. He began to think about how to teach him a lesson when he went back!

Thinking that Tristan had stolen the limelight from his own people, this time, it would make the woman fall in love with Tristan again!

Tim, who was rushing to the driver's seat and driving fast, would have laughed if it weren't for the serious situation!

After all, he definitely admired the man who directly stole the limelight of his boss. After all, it was not easy to see his boss being bullied.

Tim continued to drive forward, his face unchanged, thinking about what would happen after the matter was settled.

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