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   Chapter 596 Kidnapping (2)

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Sheryl took the baby away. Without thinking, Consuela knew that Sheryl wouldn't do anything out of kindness. Things didn't go well. Consuela's face darkened. Cassie walked up to her, held her in her arms and said, "Consuela, don't worry. I'm sure if Sheryl has one thousand guts, she doesn't dare to hurt the baby."

Everyone knew that Cassie's words sounded very reluctant. Indeed, Sheryl didn't dare to do anything harmful to the baby. However, in order to take revenge on Consuela, if Sheryl took the child away, no one could find her, or she sent the baby directly to the kidnapper... In any case, Sheryl could do it.

"Miss Consuela, do we need to call the police?" Looking at the helpless woman, Judy realized that the matter was probably more serious than she thought. She had to call the police as soon as possible.

"We can't call the police now. I'm going to stop Sheryl. Judy, you said that you have asked the driver to follow her?" There was only Tim in the room. He had to do the job of keeping the woman safe. Hearing this, Judy clapped her hands and said, "Yes, I've asked someone to follow her. The driver is still outside!"

The four of them rushed out of the house, and the driver was still waiting outside. Tim got into the driver's car and asked Cassie to take Consuela with her following them. Then Cassie drove the car behind them, not wanting to get Judy involved, so Consuela let her go back by herself.

Looking at the two cars disappearing in succession, Judy was told that she was not allowed to call the police, but she thought that she had to call the police. Even if the police couldn't come in public, they had to protect her in secret.

The driver's surname was Wang, and he had been waiting for a long time. As soon as the people got on the car, he drove to chase the other driver.

"Young man, is there something difficult?" The driver looked at the road and planned to chat, but no one in the mood to talk to him now.

For a moment, several forces t

e saw two black cars speeding forward on the road at the back door.

"You two, send these kidnappers to the police station. The others follow me to chase from the back door!" As soon as Mark finished his words, he got into a car nearby and chased after the back door.

It seemed like a farce. Both of them came to save the baby, but now it was a chase.

On the other side, Sheryl took the baby girl all the way to the airport. Cassie was right. She really didn't dare to do anything to hurt the baby. But she had never thought of sending the baby directly to the kidnappers. Not to say that she didn't know where the kidnappers were now.

Even if she knew, she wouldn't put herself in danger. Even though she had known the reason why her parents had spoiled Consuela for so many years, she had never gotten the love from them.

She didn't love her parents much, and even her last hatred disappeared because of the exposure of Linda. Therefore, the first thing she thought of was not to save Johnson and Linda, but to leave the country with the baby!

Sheryl knew that at this moment, if she still wanted to stay here, there must be no place for her to stand. After that, the Xia Can would no longer exist.

However, even in this situation, she was still not reconciled! She was not reconciled to make such a choice.

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