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   Chapter 595 Kidnapping (1)

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Linda was not a real bad woman. In other words, everyone was not born to be a bad person.

Although it was awkward to say, it was the truth. If it happened just when she had plotted with Johnson, she could have been cruel to Consuela. But after all, she had brought up Consuela from a little girl in person.

Although there were many parts of acting, there was a saying that if you really wanted to act well, you had to act seriously.

For so many years, if there was really no love, it was a lie.

"Give me the baby." Holding the baby in her arms, Linda recalled how ugly the girl had been when Consuela gave birth to her and how she had held the baby for the first time. At that moment, she had really thought that the baby in her arms was her granddaughter.

"Judy, get off the car," Linda gave the child to Judy again, "Take the child back to Consuela, and tell her to take good care of her child!"

"What? Mrs. Xia, this is the highway. I... "

"Go off the car!" Linda ordered. Judy had no choice but to get out of the car. At last, she could only watch the car disappear in front of her eyes.

Consuela only heard the sound of breaking the phone, but she didn't hear anything afterwards. She didn't know what was going on over there. She had told Linda clearly that she had known those things.

'Is there anything else happening there?' But it was really like what she said, if something happened to her children, she would never forgive them.

Looking at the e-mail that was just sent by Mark, Richie squinted his dark and bright eyes.

Johnson was kidnapped?

Cassie and Tim had arrived at Consuela's house. Seeing that Consuela was sitting on the sofa dejectedly, she walked over gently, put her arm around her shoulders and pulled her into her arms. "Where is she? Isn't she at home?"

Crawling on Cassie's chest, Consuela couldn'

Xia Clan, Linda called a person she trusted and asked him to take Sheryl away. However, after Sheryl knew the truth, she did not leave with that person.

After knowing what had happened, Sheryl came up with her own idea. She followed the man to the airport and ran out when she was checking the security. She was about to drive back to the Xia Clan, but on the way, she met Judy, who was holding the baby. She thought for a while and came up with a new idea.

Instead of humiliating Consuela the scheming bitch, Sheryl would rather snatch the baby and make her lose the last child again!

Therefore, she stopped Judy, but the girl refused to give the baby to her and said that her mother asked her to send the baby to Consuela.

At this time, Linda still wanted to make up for her last sin? At the thought of this, Sheryl suddenly remembered that Consuela had stolen her parents' love for so many years, and became angry from embarrassment.

She slapped on Judy's face directly. Judy felt pain and loosened her hand, and the baby was taken away!

It was not until now that Judy realized that the matter was serious. She quickly called two drivers, one following with Sheryl in the distance, and the other rushing back to report.

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