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   Chapter 594 A Critical Moment (2)

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Soon, Linda received a call from the mobile business hall. It was not until she knew the call log of Consuela that she realized that she had been deceived by Consuela!

With a gloomy face, she held the child tightly in her arms. Linda called Johnson in a hurry, but the phone was turned off!

What was going on?!

Johnson wouldn't turn off his phone. Only then did Linda realize the seriousness of the matter. She was a woman. After so many years of planning, she was at most an accomplice.

However, Linda wondered since when Consuela had discovered it?

Linda's original name was Lily, and then she followed Johnson. In order to play a good mother who spoiled her child and could get rid of the psychological shadow in the future, she changed her name and was called Linda.

However, she didn't know that she had done too many bad things. Even if she changed her name, it was inevitable.

What Linda didn't know was that not long ago, Johnson was stopped by someone when he was driving not far away.

A greedy person was a tamed snake without its poisonous teeth pulled out. You let him work for you. When he didn't know your background, he would put away his fangs.

Although he was tamed, he would show his fangs to you when he was chased by unsatisfied interests and when his master raised his appetite.

Over the years, there had been many people who have been working for Johnson and Linda in the dark. They had been waiting for too long for them to plan with Johnson and Linda for so many years.

As time went by, their trust in Johnson and Linda was also dragged down. They were just like the emperor and the crown prince in ancient times. As the crown prince, as long as the emperor came to an end, he would be the next emperor.

However, the emperor had been the emperor for a long time, and even the young crown prince had become the middle-aged crown prince.

It had been too long, and the crown prince's position was no longer enough to make him grateful. After waiting for so many years, he had lost the last bit of family affection..

ay something, mom!" Consuela's face turned pale. She hadn't found her son yet, and she didn't know what kind of danger he was facing. Did she still make her daughter be in danger?

"Mom," said Consuela in a sobbing voice, "You are my most beloved mother, and you are the one who loves me the most. Please don't..." After hesitating for a while, Consuela said, "Don't do anything that makes me hate you anymore!"

'If you also take my daughter away, if you hurt my child, even if you have the grace to raise me, even if you pretend to love me and spoil me for so many years, my love for you for so many years will never be restored.'

On the other side of the phone, Linda, who was driving, braked suddenly and rushed forward. Fortunately, Judy, who was sitting at the back and holding the girl in her arms, held her tightly, and the girl was still sleeping soundly.

"Mrs. Xia, what's wrong with you?" Judy was still in shock, holding the baby in her arms. She looked at the woman who suddenly stopped. Seeing that her face was pale, the complaint at the corners of her mouth turned into worry.

"Sure enough, she did know it!" Linda murmured. At that moment, her mobile phone fell off and hit the base. It was broken in half and the battery was thrown out.

She understood what Consuela meant.

"What?" Judy was confused and didn't understand what Mrs. Xia meant.

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