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   Chapter 573 Her family did it (1)

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Fear, however, surged at her like the tide. The slightest bit of uneasiness, which could not be ignored by indifference.

Consuela's hands trembled. The man's grip on her arms. He could feel that the muscles of her body became stiff. He sighed and thought, 'This woman is just as weak as a rabbit. She can't protect herself at all.'

What could she do if she was so weak?

He quietly looked at her up and down in person. She wore a white and long cotton nightdress, her bare calves were slender and clean in the air. Her feet were like a gift from the God, white and flawless with a jade color

Suddenly, a dash of coldness flashed through the man's eyes. He turned to look at the wet gleam in her eyes, then lowered his head to look at her feet. "Did you wear your shoes when you came out?" he asked in a surprisingly soft voice.

How could she not wear shoes? Although the long corridor was equipped with carpets to avoid falling down, she had developed a habit that she would wear shoes whenever she went.

When she heard the man's words, she felt something wrong. Her feet were free and totally exposed in the air.

Blinking her big eyes, Consuela's mouth was suddenly covered by someone. As the man got close to her, she could not only see his handsome face, but also smell the perfume on his body.

"Can you make sure your mood is stable now? Don't shout, and don't make too excited moves, or you'll expose our location."

His tone sounded casual and elegant. The black tights made him look wild and beautiful.

"If you know what I mean. Just nod your head and don't say anything."

Then he let go of her and stood on the balcony, looking around. It seemed that he was thinking about how to get out of here. Consuela nodded her head and decided to do as he said.

After all, if it was not for his help, she should have been caught, but now she was still safe, although she might be exposed now.

The slippers that the Xia

making her feel comfortable. "Here we are, open your eyes."

Consuela didn't dare to disobey him. She opened her eyes slowly, and as soon as she realized that they were in her bedroom, she felt that something was wrong.

'The man came to save me when he knew that I was in danger. He is kind to me. But he even knew the room I live in. That's so weird, ' she thought.

"Why do you look at me like this? Is it not allowed to observe my sweetheart's room and preferences, safety and family issues?"

"……" This was simply unbelievable!

"You'd better go inside and speak in a low voice. Don't wake up the group of people nearby. It won't be easier for you to explain after a while."

"Explain what?"

"Why did you show up in the middle of the night? You are just a new mother who came back from the hospital, and a strange man appeared in your room! Then you must take the baby to do the paternity test?"


Seeing that the woman looked strange, the man smiled softly, then lowered his head and took the woman's hand and kissed it with his healthy lips. It was as cool as the temperature when she held his hand.

"See you tomorrow. Be careful."

Without waiting for any reaction, he turned around directly and jumped out of the window. He was quick and didn't have any fear.

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