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   Chapter 547 His Temper Was Not Good (1)

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Angie felt sore in her heart. She bit her lower lip tightly and did not speak. Her lips were extremely pale. If other men saw it, they would be very distressed.

However, she didn't get any special treatment from Tristan. The man turned around impatiently and walked away with heavy steps. He didn't seem to have any feelings to Angie.

The clock was walking...

Tristan sat down, twitched his lips and said coldly, "Get out now. Are you waiting for me to ask someone to take you out?"

"……" Stunned for half a moment, Angie looked up at the man in the shadow who seemed to be unable to believe what had happened just now. "Mr. Tristan!"

Tristan didn't reply to her, but answered the phone and said to the men outside, "Come in."

The reason why he asked them to come in was to drive her out. This ruthless man was so cruel that he didn't even want to keep a little affection for her. He was totally a hypocrite.

Angie unwillingly got up from the ground and grinned at the man who she couldn't see his expression clearly. Her smile was awkward and hard.

"Mr. Tristan, don't bother to call people. I... Get out of here. "

Tristan stared at her for a few seconds and then hung up the phone. He was dozing off as if he were taking a rest with his eyes closed. He didn't pay much attention to her.

Angie repeated, unwillingly, "Mr. Tristan, I'll go downstairs first..."

"What? Do you need I see you off before you can leave at once?"

She was speechless.

Angie was outraged and turned around. The man rotated his chair and said gently, "It's time to stop. If you are found any clues, I can't keep you alive."

It was not that he didn't want to keep her alive, but that he was afraid that he couldn't keep her alive.

"Mr. Tristan... I know what to do. " Angie's eyes were slightly red, and a moment later she found her voice and opened her mouth with slightly joy.

She showed half of her

aced Tristan and said, "Cousin. It hurts... "

Tristan's face didn't change as he looked at her. He could not help but smile when he saw her pair of black grape like eyes. "Does it hurt?"

The girl nodded her head. She didn't try to hide anything and even wanted to exaggerate her situation. But before she could open her mouth, she was choked by the words.

"It's none of my business? I'm not here to take you here. Don't tell your mother when we see her. "

The little girl sobbed, her eyes full of tears. Frightened by his appearance, she sniffled and asked, "why?"

The complex patterns on her body were ruined by her falling, which made her look like a short man who had stolen the Princess's dress.

Only those big eyes gleamed with different kinds of charm.

Seeing this, Tristan suddenly sighed. He approached the little girl with a gentle smile, squinted his eyes and a mischievous expression flashed across his eyes.

"Because your elder cousin is bad tempered. If he is wronged, he likes to find someone to vent his anger. Once he gets angry, it's easy to for him to beat someone."


No sooner had he finished speaking than the rapid footsteps stopped. Tristan raised his lips and looked up at the door, only to see two pale faces as expected.

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