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   Chapter 469 In Trouble (2)

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Updated: 2020-03-31 18:39

Laura raised her hand, took up the broad brown sunglasses, and shook it. At last, she did not put it on, because there was an acquaintance coming on the opposite.

An agent who had been with her for the longest time scurried over and said in a hurry, "Miss Laura, if you don't speed up, you will be late for the interview. If your strong enemy knows about it, you will be laughed at to death!"

They would require an audition, not only for a fancy commercial, but also for some overseas connections.

As Laura had a good identity, she had been in the entertainment circle for a long time. There were also many people who had good resources. For example, the fight between her best opponent and Laura was caused because Laura was too popular.

That woman had been in this circle for a long time. She was a signed artist of an entertainment company that was supposed to be purchased by Sruthan Group. However, she broke the contract for some reason. Moreover, she was always competing with Laura for resources.

She had a lot of resources. Although Laura's family was supporting her, she still couldn't win that woman. Until this audition, she was valued because of her screen image.

This was absolutely a great opportunity for her to turn the tables.

As Laura's agent, Anna Su didn't like the woman who was too ostentatious and didn't know how to restrain her emotions, but they had to share weal or woe, either.

Laura curled her lips with contempt when she heard the words 'strong enemy'.

Because she really didn't like the person, and she didn't want to listen to that name, she forced her agent to use another name to describe the person.

But no matter how strong the enemy was, she shouldn't have thought too highly of that person.

"Don't worry. I will not put myself at a disadvantage. There will be no strong enemy."

Anna Su raised her head in surprise. From her eyes without a pair of contact lenses, she could see some overweening

ndsome man always liked to use his usual sweet words to talk with others. At this moment, Angie didn't put much makeup, and she looked as pure as a white lotus flower.

Such a noisy place didn't fit in.

Seeing that, another waiter came forward, parked the car and handed the key to her. Then, she punched the waiter beside her and said, "I think you must be very jealous."

They looked at each other with smile and ignored Angie completely.

Angie raised her eyebrows and put down her hands from the wallet. She had planned to give the tip to the waiter. But as they ignored her, she gave up the idea.

Without saying any polite words, she directly walked in.

On the first floor, people from different places were crazily twisting their waist and head, as if they would break their bodies in the next second.

Angie raised her lips and was about to walk to the elevator at the corner when suddenly a hand blocked her way with a glass of wine in it.

The wine with several levels of color looked fantastic and girls would like it.

Angie raised her eyebrows and said with patience, "what?"

When she met the seductive eyes, she found that the watery eyes were still gleaming with a sort of light. "Miss, I'm inviting you to a drink now. I hope you won't refuse my small request cruelly."

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