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   Chapter 467 Mrs. Richie (4)

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All of a sudden, there was a dead silence.

The grin froze on her face. She turned to look at Sheryl, as if nothing had happened. "He's been busy with his work," Consuela said with a forced smile.

He was so busy that his wound had been torn up several times. Although she knew that, it was mentioned that he had not visited her since she had been sent to hospital.

What did it mean? It was just unimaginable.

Hearing the answer she wanted, Sheryl covered her mouth with both hands and said with a smile, "Consuela, don't be fooled by man's honest appearance. The record of a man's cheating during his wife's pregnancy is... Gee... "

Even though she didn't finish her sentence, the sarcasm in her voice made Consuela feel a sharp pain in her head. The blue veins stood out on her temples, making it hard for her to breath.

The smile on Consuela's face widened. "I trust him."


Hearing what she had said, Sheryl took it seriously. She paused for a moment, raised her head and withdrew the mockery in her eyes. Looking as if to say something pitiful, she said, "But Consuela... Have you been watching the recent entertainment news? "

'Entertainment news?'

She only cared about the kidnapping of Richie's father recently.

Pursing her lips, Consuela shook her head.

Since she was in a daze, she didn't notice the curious expression on Sheryl's face. With a hint of pity in her voice, Sheryl said, "It's good that you haven't paid attention to that, Consuela. After all, the babies are growing big. It's not easy for you to be pregnant for so long."

Although Consuela didn't fully understand what she meant, she nodded and forced a smile. "And then?"

Her words had a good effect on Sheryl, who just wanted to stir up trouble, so Sheryl said worriedly, "Men usually make mistakes more or less. You have to understand it. If you tolerate a little longer, it may end up like this."

It was better for her to stick with it all her life.

Her words enlightened Consuela. She pressed her lips and said with a s

s on Linda's well preserved face, as if her answer made her feel a little frustrated.

The rejection surged into her mouth, and she suddenly had an idea. "But, I really want to eat the sweet and sour fish made by mother. My mouth is watering!"

She blinked her bright eyes and pretended to be a greedy one. Since she was a little girl, she often made others laugh in this way, and she was not unfamiliar with that even after a long time.

And try them one hundred times, especially for Linda.

Amused by her words, Linda poked her forehead with her finger and said, "Since you want to eat so much, why didn't you often go back to visit me and your father?"

She knew how to make people happy at this moment!

She pretended to stare at Linda angrily, knowing that she wasn't pissed off by her. The smile on Consuela's face widened.

Consuela raised her voice and remarked, "Mom..."

Hearing that, Sheryl, who seemed to have regarded as a background, pursed her lips in a moderate way without saying anything.

Anyway, what she said was nothing in their ears. She'd better keep her saliva, lest they would be too tired.

"You! Your father and I must have owed you in our previous life, so we can't do anything to you!"

Linda said in a sorry tone, but the sadness on her face had completely disappeared, as if she had turned into another person.

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