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   Chapter 466 Mrs. Richie (3)

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In fact, a lot of things were like this. You thought you liked a thing very much, but later you found another thing you liked in the window. When you were in a dilemma, someone would exhort you.

If you really liked the first item, why did you like the second one?

Cassie wanted to tell this to Richie, but she did not want to say it directly.

The two of them were tangled with each other. Just let them torture each other with love. It would also make Richie frustrated, the arrogant man born with a silver spoon.

Then she turned around and walked into the elevator.

However, Richie didn't stop smiling. He often looked at Consuela with a smile, which made her feel that there was something wrong with the man's brain that might cause the brain damage.

"Although it's not cold now, aren't you afraid of something wrong with you because of wearing so little?"

Besides, he was still injured!

He had to be given a lesson for not treating his own body seriously!

"It would be better if something happened to me. Then you would pay more attention to me instead of other things and distract your attention."

Hearing what he said, Consuela could do nothing but hold her breath. She turned her head slightly and walked into the ward. As soon as she walked in, she heard Wendy making a joke with her.

"I was betting with his father when you would come in. I didn't expect you to come so early." Sitting on the bed with one hand supporting her head, Wendy said in a teasing tone.

She did not seem to be seriously injured. She had a white gauze behind her head, and her face was still a little pale. Next to her hand was a bowl of porridge. The man sitting next to the bed was peeling eggs for her.

With an embarrassed smile, Consuela took two steps backward. Half of her body was hidden behind her husband, seeming unable to bear the laughter.

Richie's eyes brightened. He held her hands tightly, and stepped forward, "How do you feel now?"

While he was talking to them, Consuela and Miranda were placing the breakfast on a smal

hen patted on Consuela's head and said, "You silly girl. Don't think too much."

Consuela shook her head and said, "Mom..."

Sheryl stood aside, looking at this play of mother and daughter. There was only a sneer in her heart.

Luckily, the show was over very soon. With her pregnant belly, Consuela walked towards Richie's parents' ward not far away, and the three elders closed the door and chatted with each other.

And when Sheryl and Consuela went back to the ward together, Sheryl poured some chicken soup from the thermos flask. Then Consuela asked, "Sheryl, aren't you busy with your company's affairs?"

Recently, Sheryl got promoted to a higher rank in the business field though she got the disappointment in love. It was true that a new person made many changes. She was a little busy because she was promoted.

But Sheryl managed to hide her pride and said, "In order to see you, everything in my work has to be at the back, no matter what it is."

Huh, in order to see Richie, she would rather put aside her work first. But unfortunately, she did not see the man that she could not forget.

Even though Consuela didn't know much about how to make a living, she was really very happy in front of Consuela who was merely a disabled person.

But her joy was much lower than before.

"Consuela, why doesn't my brother-in-law often come here?"

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