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   Chapter 464 Mrs. Richie (1)

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The patient frowned and allowed the woman who was worried about him to do whatever she wanted. Although he looked as if he was enduring pain, his heart was already filled with joy.

"I was just afraid that you would worry about me, so I didn't tell you in advance."

Baron glanced at the slightly bulging belly, as if worrying that she would be too worried and do harm to the baby.

Hearing this man's explanation, Debbie was not angry but smiled, "You make me feel more uneasy."

Even though she knew how dangerous the situation was, she heard someone cry in pain beside him from time to time.

He didn't linger on that kind of topic for a long time. He just explained a few vague words, and then changed the topic to make her nervous every day.

Just like what they did in their childhood.

At the same time, he took her hand and leaned towards it. He rubbed his eyes and then said, "I'm sorry."

She was getting more and more beautiful, which made him reluctant to leave.

They hadn't seen each other for a long time. They were supposed to tell each other their hearts, but she were forced to question him like this.

She was really lacking in fun.

Debbie stared at him in a daze for a while, and when she was about to exert herself with her hands, she suddenly thought of something and stopped.

"If you act like this next time, I won't talk to you anymore."

"Never again."

On the way back, Richie knew that his grandfather had also been sent into the hospital. After visiting his parents, he visited his grandfather.

His grandfather still lay on the bed and didn't wake up.

Moreover, the hospital had not found any illnesses.

Uncle Hawk has already arranged for some top foreign hospitals to do the examination for his grandfather.

But it was hard to say whether the disease was man-made or not.

Richie put the flowers in a vase on the nightstand with water drops in it and then tilted his head slowly.

He lo

her sad face.

What a shameless man.

He replied frankly and told her an extremely dangerous story, "Yes, I was attacked accidentally."

Frowning, Consuela retorted, "I don't think you're lucky enough to be attacked. Tell me the truth."

With a guilty conscience, he covered his wound with his hand and pursed his lips. Facing the bunch of flowers he had brought, he ignored the resentful stares from the woman behind him.

He asked, "Are you going home now?"

After pondering over it for a long while, Consuela finally decided to say, "You are a liar."

He abruptly changed the topic for fear that she would know that he felt guilty.

Damn it.

With his back to her, he tightened his lips. He was indeed a big liar.

"I don't think I need to go back home. Angie has been to the Ye's house for many times. She is waiting for you to go home and have a good time with her." Consuela said in a teasing tone. She glared at him. "Last time you didn't go to the hotel, so I went there for you. You don't have to thank me at this time."

He would definitely be heartbroken at this moment.

The expression of Richie slightly changed. He narrowed his black eyes, and his mood rose a little. It was hard to tell whether he was telling the truth. He then said, "Then thank you, Mrs. Richie."

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