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   Chapter 460 A Blind Date (3)

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She remembered what had happened before. She sat up and looked at the man carefully. There was a deep frown on her face.

The man sitting in front of her had a very handsome face, and most importantly, he looked very impressive.

His face was hard, and his lips were not too thin or too thick. The color of his lips was a kind of pleasant color, and the bridge of his nose was straight. The most outstanding one was his eyes.

No words could describe its color.

Cassie raised her hand to cover her mouth and laughed. Her eyes narrowed into slits, as if she was looking at others, or trying to think of a way to deal with the embarrassment.

She said, "You must be joking, aren't you?"

However, there was something that he could not figure out at all. He had to let her look at him.

"I'm not a person who likes to crack a joke," Carl smiled.

It was not a big deal to be looked at in such a reasonable way. However, Cassie's glare really pleased him and made him feel a little vain.

Maybe this heartless girl wouldn't remember that he had already had a crush on her at that time.

When he remembered that he had been tricked into the university to give a speech by his mentor, who helped him a lot, and he even made a speech that was made up from the Internet for a group of schoolmates.

The task that his mentor gave him was not heavy. He only required him to act as an example, to say that his success was low-key and serious, and to have a deep affection.

At that time, he didn't know what lively means. He only knew that when he gave the speech, he began to talk nonsense.

As she raised the question, the microphone passed to her drowsy hand. At that time, the light hit the person. She stood there, elegant and gorgeous. The light in her eyes was a little unfocused.

Her roommate or one of her classmates pointed at a very improper question.

"Hello. On behalf of many girls and some boys here, I want to a

the man's distraction with a gentle smile, "Mr. Carl, have we ever seen each other at school? I really can't remember anything recently."

Finally, she calmed down. The stirring action on the hand was also put down.

At this time, the waiter came to serve the dishes. When all the dishes were served on the table, Cassie felt a little flustered.

If she hadn't been told that they were schoolmates, she might have believed that this person ordered all the dishes she liked, just because of chance coincidence and speculation.

But once she knew the deeper story, she felt it was a bottomless abyss.

When the dishes were placed on the table, he saw the green face of the person on the other side of the table, which made Carl put down his chopsticks. "What's wrong? Is the food not to your appetite?"

He had put a lot of efforts in today's blind date. Although Cassie's father really wanted to push his treacherous daughter out, he did not give him any advice. Her father just bragged to her. Everything depended on him.

Therefore, the dishes at this table were also the ones that he had a hard time trying to find out her preferences. And after the words were said, he ordered without hesitation.

He didn't expect something unexpected would happen, so he was a little nervous.

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