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   Chapter 458 A Blind Date (1)

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Through the light of the shadow, she could see warm sun falling from the two people. They were truly a perfect match. The onlooker, Cassie, could only touched her nose, feeling somewhat sour.

What an enviable couple.

One of the two persons was slovenly and unable to speak, and the other was in a coma, unable to respond. Inexplicably, she still felt envious.

It was just in the evening when they arrived at the hospital.

Richie's father and mother had been bought a green channel, and they were checked first. And Cassie and other medical staff who were going to rescue all went to work.

Cassie was about to put on the white gown when her father, George stopped her. She lowered her head and kept cursing.

After a long time, when his father was out of breath and was about to recover his breath, Cassie said weakly, "Dad, have you finished?"

Although many people had been working outside, she still wanted to go by herself to check if Tim was all right.

Maybe it was because her eyes were so passionate that George felt disappointed. He pointed at her head and said, "You black sheep are born for Tim, aren't you?"

Cassie frowned. How could he say so? She just had a crush on that man.

"Dad, please let me explain..."

"Listen to your explanation, what did you do to make the guy laugh at you and feel that your self-esteem can't stand, so you want to move him and then dump him?"

George's eyes were as clear as crystal. It seemed that he was used to this kind of words.

"You misunderstood me..."

With her mind wandering, Cassie could only look at the clear hallway, where a few people were shuttling, but she didn't see a familiar face.

"Don't say anything more. Go back home with me right now. Your aunt introduced to you a nephew who just came back from German. He started his own business with a master degree. It was also a strong company. The conditio


Smoking was not allowed in the hospital, but it had set up a smoking area for smoking. The moment they walked into the smoking area, they smelled the tobacco.

The air was so heavy that George couldn't help but cough.

George must have not smoked a lot. He didn't take anything, so Tim could only endure pain and take out a box of valuable cigarettes from his pocket.

After passing one piece to George, Tim began to smoke a little bit and completely forgot himself.


Soon he found Tim, who was making second-hand smoke, smoking. He frowned deeply.

At first sight, he knew that he was an old smoker. Whether he could live to forty years old was a question.

"Tim, I know that Cassie has been pestering you all the time. Although she is not on the right side, she is a girl after all. If you don't like her, you should stay away from her. Don't always give her hope..."

He pushed him away again.

The last part of the sentence was still not spoken out, and he really didn't have the face to say it.

The cigarette between Tim's fingers trembled, and the ash fell a large part, accidentally falling on the trousers.

"Uncle George, I think you have misunderstood something..."

George was very displeased with his words.

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