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Cassie had been sitting on a stool not far away, shaking her long leg in an unconscious manner. When she heard this, she accidentally shook her leg with great strength, and she directly fell to the ground.

Tim, who had already got up but failed to defeat the gravity, compressed his lips and walked over.

He frowned and asked, "Are you all right?"

Cassie bowed her head and said nothing. Her posture was still the same as when she fell down. Although she didn't stand up with all her legs, it was still not nice at all.

She pulled her hair with her hand and said dejectedly, "You saw nothing, nothing!"

Everything was just a dream!

Regardless of her self-hypnosis, Tim just smiled and said, "Get up first. There was a rat died in the room yesterday, not far from you..."

When facing the dead body, Cassie could remain calm. She held the scalpel without shaking, and picked out some sinews or any surgery.

However, even though she dared to sleep with the dead body without changing her face, she was extremely afraid of mouse.

After his words, her face suddenly turned pale. Looking at the hand that reached out in front of her, she hesitated for a moment.

His fingers were long and shapely, with a little bit callus on them. It was different from the hands of those who usually stayed in the office for air-conditioner. However, his skin was fairly fair.

"What's wrong? Aren't you afraid of mouse?" Tim asked

The word "mouse" completely woke her up. She pursed her lips, directly stood up, and walked out without using his strength.

"Sorry, I just remembered that I have something to do. I have to go now. Have a good rest..."

She tossed her long hair, and the look in her eyes was somewhat helpless. She raised her hand and saw that there was crescent on her nails, and the nails were in a pink healthy color.

In fact... What a coincidence! It seemed that they could be a perfect match with Tim's han

ediately let go of her hand, opened the door and walked inside.

Richie, who was closest to her, didn't look at her, and the people around him just looked up at her curiously and had no response.

A paramedic who was stationed there had rushed over to do a simple examination.

Cassie walked to Richie's mother who seemed to have fallen asleep, her face was pale like a piece of paper. When she was near, Richie's father finally raised his head.

His face was similar to that of Richie's. There were no expressions on it, and his mouth was pursed tightly, as if he was extremely worried about the safety of people.

Cassie," ... What happened to Auntie? "

Hearing this question, Richie's father looked down at the woman who was lying on the sofa, still covered in his coat. He smiled bitterly, but did not speak. He picked up a pen and a piece of paper and wrote on the paper, "She have slept for an hour..."

No matter how hard he shouted, it was useless.

It was a totally surprise for Cassie. This place was so simple that if there was something wrong with her head, it was impossible to check it out at all. She opened her mouth and was about to comfort others, but she was interrupted by someone. "Boss has arranged a helicopter to come here. Aunt Wendy will leave first."

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