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   Chapter 453 A Heart To Heart Talk (2)

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There was only a bright crescent moon in the night sky. When he squinted and was about to fall asleep, he smelled a familiar fragrance.

His hand, which was holding the bottle of wine, immediately loosened. He pretended to be asleep, waiting for the person who was about to come over to take the next move.

But before he could feel her next move, he heard her sigh. That man said helplessly, "How do I like people like you? You are so dumb."

Cassie sat behind him and she could see the man with closed eyes. It was easy to see his expression clearly under the moonlight.

She frowned and looked around, as if she wanted to do something important. She was afraid that there was an ambush around, which prevented her from doing anything.

But when she looked around, she found nothing but thick green.

Cassie took a deep breath and said in her mind, "God helps me indeed."

She was looking around, so she didn't notice Tim was lying there as if nothing had happened. His closed eyes were trembling.

Lying on the ground with a little bit cold, Tim felt a little stiff, maybe because he was expecting what Cassie would do next.

Or just out of curiosity, what did she come here for.

When he was a child, he had heard the woman curse him. But he had never heard her curse him like today.

Of course, he was not that kind of person who would want to be cursed. Every time he knew that she would scold him, he would come to her to do that. But it was just a coincidence.

She had never expected that the man would come again in less than a day after he had been scolded. It was a rare case in general.

All of a sudden, his cold lips were pressed on hers, and his thoughts were interrupted.

The kiss was so short that s

as frightened by his sudden opening eyes just now, her hands were still trembling slightly but couldn't escape from his eyes.

After a long while, he finally regained his voice. "Have you finished?"

Maybe it was because she felt a little uncomfortable, she licked her lips. The moonlight made his eyes even clearer, like the bright moon dotted in the clear sea.

Cassie was glad that the man finally interrupted her. But she got impatient and urged him, "Tell me quickly. I heard that someone got injured just now. The medical staff are not enough."

The fake "I'm busy" and getting to the point immediately poked Tim with a strange smile.

In order not to hurt her, Tim had to control his temper and smiled awkwardly. "Okay, I see."

He knew it was nonsense.

If so, why would she be able to climb up and kiss him?

But, in order not to embarrass both of them, he was willing to lie with her.

The peaceful world might lack a little concession.

Cassie felt a little helpless.

The man said he knew, but he didn't say anything. Instead, he acted more quickly and caught the key point.

He could only look at her in a leisurely manner.

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