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   Chapter 445 Tension Alleviated (3)

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As soon as the words were uttered out of Sheryl's mouth, Consuela remembered what she would say next.

Sheryl was pondering on the night when she and Richie first met. It was just like a nightmare.

Until now, she finally felt a little different.

But she didn't expect that Sheryl would help her investigate the case.

She frowned and said, "Sheryl, you are worried about my affairs, so I was too happy to blame you. But what have you found?"

Her eyes were full of curiosity. Although Sheryl saw it, she didn't show any expression on her face.

But in her heart, she was overjoyed.

"After you were drugged last time, you were approached by a strange man, and then you were taken to the staff aisle of the bar, and then..."

She stopped saying in time, but held Consuela's hand more tightly as if she could feel her fear.

However, after being drugged, Consuela didn't remember she had done what her sister said at all. She pressed her lips and asked indifferently, "Have you found out who drugged me?"

When she asked Sheryl the question, she kept her head low. But when she looked up, she missed Sheryl's sparkling eyes.

Sheryl sighed and said, "A gang is involved. Before I leave..."

Then, Consuela knew that the woman used her phone to call Sheryl and told her that she was safe and she had met one of her old classmates and took her somewhere, so she wouldn't go back home tonight.

At that time, Sheryl was still worried about her sister, so she sent her a message and didn't feel anything wrong.

The comments were all Consuela's own thoughts. The next day when she checked the messages on her phone, she had excluded all the messages from her beloved sister.

It was not until she heard about it from Richie that she began to suspect her. She had been trying hard to find any evidence.

One reason was that she couldn't find the evid

e at that place.

Sheryl sighed slightly and said, "You are lucky star. You have been very lucky since you were a child. Although I know that, I still can't help but worry about you."

Her tone was not as sad as before, but it still sounded unhappy.

After all, it was impossible for anyone to remain calm at this moment.

If she had known that the person who had sex with Consuela before, then she would have definitely cleaned herself thoroughly and been sent him by herself. Because he was on the top ten list of L City. According to the entertainment research, it was the most difficult to climb into the bed of the ten men.

How could she remember that she had a good sister to take care of?

"Sheryl, you are making fun of me again..."

They hugged each other with a smile. The babies, who were in Consuela's belly, gradually became naughty as she got close to her. They kicked on Consuela's belly, as if they wanted to greet others.

Noticing their excitement, Consuela smiled and said, "Sheryl, the babies seems to like you very much. It's rare for them to be so excited about kicking me like this."

As soon as she finished speaking, Sheryl's face darkened. She didn't like kids, not to mention they were Consuela's kids.

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