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   Chapter 443 Tension Alleviated (1)

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Hearing her daughter's ridicule, Sheryl's mother felt a little embarrassed. She opened her mouth and glared at the man. Harry walked a few steps forward and kept a distance from the mother and daughter, who had something to say.

Looking at the sensible boy, she could only shake her head in her heart.

In fact, she liked Harry a lot, of course all because she hadn't seen Harry's sex photos before.

Just because she didn't see the dark side of him, she thought he was a good boy from the bottom of her heart.

Although he agreed with Sheryl's idea that she could do whatever she wanted in the future without leaving any regrets.

But looking at the man walking in front of her, who looked very excellent, she still felt a little helpless.

Since the Xue Clan and the Xia Clan were close friends, no matter which daughter of the Xue Clan got married, she would not get the anger from her mother-in-law and would be taken as treasure by them.

And her two daughters... Well, forget it.

When Sheryl's mother heaved a sigh, she furrowed her brows. Noticing that, Sheryl asked with a scowl, "Mom, anything bothering you?"

"Do you think there is anything I should be happy about recently?" Linda asked in an aggrieved tone.

Sheryl smiled and said, "Mom, don't worry too much. We can't find a single leg dog, but we can find many men on the street."

It was quite clear what she meant. If she had lost Harry now, there would still be many people waiting for her choice in the future.

However, Linda sighed again. Although there were many men in the world, not many people could be more potential than Harry!

Sheryl knew what was in her mother's mind, so she didn't want to add fuel to the flames. She held her arm and walked towards the dining room.

On their way, her mother suddenly asked, "Did you tw

Sheryl's words.

Many people said that marriage was like a tomb, but sometimes it was more like a deserted city that needed people to use time to fill.

If not, she'd rather spend the rest of her life alone.

"Mom, don't say that. Although we have call off the engagement, it's not good to leave him alone."

After giving her a glare, Linda walked towards the living room.

Time for dinner.

When they all sat down, Consuela was surprised to find that her sister was sitting opposite to her, while Harry was sitting next to her.

When she took her seat, she was surprised to see the person who was sitting beside her. She really didn't understand what he was thinking about.

Linda narrowed her eyes and looked at Sheryl, who was sitting next to her with a peaceful expression on her face. She sighed slightly.

She didn't want to get involved in the girls' affair and just let them deal with it by themselves. At last, they all became lawless and tyrannical.

Linda kept silent during the meal. Johnson took a few glances at the people at the table and found himself unable to speak.

Linda had just told him about the matter of Sheryl's calling off the engagement, and both of them had agreed.

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