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   Chapter 440 Call Off The Engagement (5)

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Feeling that he was a little out of control, Harry didn't release his hand, but kept the previous move, only slightly loosened it.

There was an unreadable expression flashing in his brown eyes.

He laughed ferociously, "What on earth is your reason to make such a sudden decision?"

Inside, Sheryl sneered inwardly, because she had never made a sudden decision on anything. She had been disappointed with this man since a long time ago.

Her despair came naturally when she met Richie.

At that time, she had always believed that only a man like Richie could be the best husband for her in her life, until she found out that her good sister was married to that man.

All of a sudden, anger filled her heart.

How could a loose woman, who had been abandoned, marry such a man in the end?

The young girl, however, didn't understand why Consuela could marry that man. She had asked Consuela in detail how they had gotten married, but the woman just smiled and then changed the subject.

She had been pretending to ask casually. Naturally, she could not go on asking until later she knew the truth.

So, even though she didn't have much chance of being promoted, she should not be too small either.

A highly respected man like Richie might like a sensible, independent and less clingy woman most.

As far as she knew, Consuela couldn't live up to any standard of personality. She wasn't even able to cook the simplest food.

When Consuela was still in love with Harry, she just followed the man and didn't make any progress. She was arrogant and seemed to be very proud of herself.

It was a little funny for her to see that.

Thus, perhaps her personality hadn't changed much.

As for her intelligence, that was totally impossible. Her grades in school were totally strange.

The more she thought about it, the more ashamed she felt.

He raised his head and looked into her eyes with a soft smile. The coldness i

tioning the name, the smile on Harry's face froze for a moment. After a while, while Sheryl was deliberately trying to give him a break, he curled his lips and said, "Why do you mention her now?"

There was a slight change in his look. His eyes, which had been thorough before, were now filled with coldness.

Did she want to make him feel more stressful when she mentioned this?

Pursing her lips, Sheryl smiled with a tinge of smugness in her eyes. The man, however, was still worried about Consuela, so he didn't have the time to observe the expression on her face.

As she had expected, this man had never forgotten her good sister from the very beginning.

Otherwise, how could he become so depressed just when he heard the name?

Moreover, the photos that had been posted on online were carefully taken before Consuela could see through his mind.

After that, they played the game that neither of them had any love experience. Since then, Harry had never looked for other women. He had always been careful and considerate, waiting for the growth of Consuela.

So when he saw those photos later, his mind was filled with disappointment.

It seemed that no one could forgive him. The cabbage he protected well was suddenly taken away by the pig, and she did not resist yet!

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