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   Chapter 439 Call Off The Engagement (4)

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Since she had made herself pretty clear, she didn't mind doing something else.

She curled her lips, and this time, she could finally turn around and confront him. "You can only make sure that. Moreover, do you dare to go with me to do a pre-marital checkup?"

He had been a playboy for a long time. If he didn't behave himself, it would be a big loss.

No matter how considerate the protective measures were, they couldn't avoid a sudden negligence.

What was more, although she had no emotional cleanliness, she couldn't bear such a mess.

She wanted to live a few more years.

Hearing what her future wife thought, Harry felt a little uneasy and her gentle mask was peeling off.

He made a concession and said, "If you don't want to get married now, we can get engaged first. When you think it's time, we can get married."

Sheryl was shocked by his words. She didn't expect that Harry would be so nice to her.

After getting along with him before, she had figured out that he would never trust others easily.

He didn't trust others easily and also didn't listen to others easily. He had his own way to deal with things, and that was to say whatever others said.

He was a man full of arrogance, but had a gentle and elegant face. Countless people had been fooled by his appearance.

After all, she and Consuela had been fooled by this man to such an extent.

She stepped back a few steps, and then saw the rabbit that had just escaped in the grass behind that person. She frowned and said, "I think you have misunderstood me."

He misunderstood her just to delay the wedding time. In fact, she didn't want to get married at all. She just refused to marry him.

Harry was never a so-called fool. If he really couldn't understand what she said, she didn't need to think too much about it.

He must be pretending!

Harry stepped back, his eyes flashing. Behind him was a small arbor for rest. The sun was shining, and the flowers a

n her eyes. Maybe there was something wrong with this man, and she didn't want to play with him.

Harry's eyes turned cold. He did not expect that Sheryl would talk to him in such a straightforward way. He had only chuckled and said, "How could you think like that..."

Before he finished speaking, Sheryl pulled her face and sneered, "I have already seen through your tricks. I still have a backup for the photos you spread before. Do you want to mail them to the elder of the Xue Clan?"

Hearing that, Harry, who was sitting opposite her, could no longer stay calm. He stood up and walked to her. He pinched her chin and smiled gently, but was replaced by a sneer.

He lowered his head, got close to her and called her name softly. Then he said, "Sheryl, are you threatening me?"

His voice was intentionally low, and even a sneer, matched with his gentle face, was not frightening. Of course, everything was fake.

Sheryl had seen how furious Harry was, so she believed that he wouldn't be intimidated by such a trifle.

She raised her eyes, stretched out her hand and held the hand that pinched her chin. She smiled softly and said, "Harry, you pinched me, making me hurt."

Sheryl couldn't bear to marry such a man who loved violence so much. She thought she was crazy if she chose him!

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