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   Chapter 436 Call Off The Engagement (1)

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The atmosphere in the living room was tense, and the wind outside the room blew green, which made it a beautiful scene.

Johnson cursed himself in his heart. He also wished very much to go against the manner of the elder. He wanted to disobey the elder's manners, saying that he never mentioned it.

But he couldn't act like a knave when he looked into Sheryl's eyes.

The others were unable to cut in, but to their disappointment, they just sat there, doing nothing but worry. Sheryl, on the other hand, smiled a little mindlessly.

Sheryl narrowed her eyes and looked at her father with a pair of sharp eyes. She asked, "Dad, do you want to ignore all the things you have taught us and teach me a lesson?"

Consuela didn't know why, but she had the same feeling as her sister.

Linda tried to help Sheryl out. "Look at your face, who else in the future would dare to speak to you?"

'The master of this family should have some prestige, and if he stays like this every day, no one will be willing to help him.'

Not only elder daughter, but also younger daughter might feel a little sad.

Smiling, Consuela said, "Mom is right. We will be very disappointed if Dad eats his words and goes back on his words."

While saying that, she sighed helplessly. Seeing the helplessness in her eyes, everybody wanted to comfort her.

Hearing that, Sheryl raised her head to look at her father. Her father's stern face softened.

Ha-ha, everything revolved around Consuela.

If Consuela had told him that she didn't want to get married, he would have kindly accepted her decision.

However, it was her who sat here.

Even though Sheryl didn't get much attention from them. She couldn't act like a spoiled child in front of others.

So she could only swallow her grievances and keep silent.

"Well, you two sisters, well, I won't care about your business any more. You can deal with it by yourself. I won't interfere

houlder naturally. Now that Consuela sat on Sheryl's left seat, she got a little close to her.

Sitting opposite to them, Johnson was a little confused. In fact, he had been wondering how the two children kicked Harry to each other like playing the ball.

Thinking of this, he felt pity when his eyes fell on Harry unconsciously

Johnson cleared his throat, made a fist, rested his chin on his hand and said, "It's getting late. Since you are here, why not stay for lunch? I have no idea where their mother is. And she hasn't come back yet. I'll go and look for her first."

With such a clumsy excuse, Johnson stood up. But he just smiled, turned his neck and said to Sheryl, "It's up to you."

All of a sudden, Consuela had become the brightest light bulb.

Now that she had come up with an excuse to run away, but her sister opened her mouth, "Consuela, I'll take Harry to the backyard. If you feel bored, you can turn on the TV and watch the show."

Consuela nodded. Then she saw her sister take the man's hand and walk away.

The backyard was exactly a place for whispering.

The scenery was beautiful and there were also some cute animals. To avoid disturbing the small animals, the maids would not come over. They just went once or twice in the right time to feed.

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