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   Chapter 435 Real Jealousy

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Her voice wasn't harsh, but her eyes, which had been through a lot of ups and downs, put a lot of pressure on her. Then she let go of Consuela's hand.

Finally, she lowered her head.

No one had seen the resentment in her eyes when she lowered her head.

She put her hands on her sides and tightened her grip.

In the past, she had thought that Harry was a good husband if it were not for the reason of Consuela, but after comparing with other people, she thought that the man was not as good as before.

Some people were just like this. They were not so good in comparison and she just could not see exactly what was worse.

She had always been inferior to Consuela, but she had met a guy like Harry who concluded a connection with her and she had to marry him instead?

She didn't find an excuse to ask him for help when the accident happened, which gave him a strange sense of satisfaction?

As the fury in her heart rose.

Now since Consuela had come to the house, her father's stern face had changed to a good one. She decided to let Consuela have a taste of his father's smugness!

Sheryl was also very angry. She raised her head and saw that her face was not good, but she still fixed her eyes on her father. She calmly said, "So, what do you mean now? Do you really want to force me to marry Harry?"

Her attitude was very calm, but even too cold, it could not hide the arrogance and disdain in her eyes.

Her father thought he was kind enough. But when he heard his elder daughter say so, he was so angry that he almost vented his anger.

However, her mother, who had been neutral in the party, frowned and said, "I didn't mean it like that. Sheryl, I've heard that there are some premarital phobia in young people these days. But don't worry. Maybe it will recover soon."

Maybe after a while, when the invitation date was fixed, she could do nothing about it.

Thinking of Stacy's unhappy weddi

other daughter to be still married into the wrong person, to follow suit.

Sheryl pressed her lips and realized that if she admitted her mistake, she would push herself into the big trouble.

She wasn't stupid enough to apologize.

According to her understanding of her father, this man was so efficient. On the second day she admitted her mistakes, he might find her a studio to take wedding photos.

It was also possible for him to have named his grandson or granddaughter.

Back when Consuela came back with a baby in her belly, he had kept looking for the names on the dictionary after she had left.

He wanted to give the baby a name of deep meaning.

But he didn't make a choice till the end. Every time when he chose a character, he felt it was not what he wanted.

"Father, don't be angry. Let me tell you the whole story. First of all, I don't think I did anything wrong. You've taught me and Consuela from a very young age. Life is tough. We shouldn't possibly make do with each other to make our future regrets."

When Sheryl spoke, she looked firm in her eyes, with a touch of smile on her lips, as if she felt that her father was sometimes very reasonable.

But only sometimes.

Now her father was so angry that he wanted to overturn what he had said.

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