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   Chapter 434 The So Called Marriage

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The housekeeper couldn't help but glance at Consuela. The woman wasn't as tall as a common old woman, but she had a strong aura around her.

She sighed, "It's not a big deal. It's just making me worried."

Since there was no other servants in the villa, she didn't hide her expression and smiled bitterly.

It seemed that all people around her began to get annoyed. They had started to suffer from the problem of like to say half a sentence, and they didn't want to say all of it.

She had taught her a lesson, and Consuela had become much calmer now. With a smile, she replied, "I don't know what is bothering you. Would you please tell me?"

There was no one in the yard, only a green tree and some flowers to add to the atmosphere. All the things changed their directions when the wind blew.

The housekeeper once again looked at her with a helpless sigh. Then she raised her eyes and looked around with her old and somewhat turbid eyes for a while before she opened her mouth and said, "I'm afraid that something might happen to Miss Sheryl's marriage."

Consuela hadn't heard it before. Her eyes widened in shock as she asked, "What happened?"

Why didn't her sister and her parents mention it to her?

Consuela's mind was in a complete mess. She tried to find out what was happening, but she failed.

"Miss Sheryl wants to call off the engagement. Mr. Xia and Mrs. Xia are teaching her. Mr. Harry will be here soon. It would be terrible if Miss. Sheryl hasn't changed her mind at that time,"

Upon hearing this, Consuela's face changed dramatically.

She only knew that the Xue Clan had suffered a lot because of Harry's event, but they had never been hard on Sheryl's cash gift.

He even prepared the most expensive gift.

However, she did not expect that her sister, who accompanied him when he was most difficult, would regret at this moment.

She frowned and said, "My sister must ha

ither of the two sisters is easy-going. I'm going to be killed by you two."

She even complained Consuela signed the marriage certificate secretly. There was a hint of grievance in her eyes.

Looking at his wife's depressed face, Johnson almost burst into laughter. He could do nothing but turn his head to look at Sheryl.

He was ready to turn on the strict father mode again.

"Sheryl, you should know that your parents never use you as a bargaining chip for business. We even let you make decisions on your own emotional problems..."

While speaking, Consuela's eyes began to cramp again.

His tone was a little harsh!

Johnson understood what she meant and could only sigh. He took a look at Consuela, who was laughing cheekily. After a pause, he said again.

"If you don't agree with this marriage, you should bring it up before, rather than just like now. When it's time to choose the right time for you, you suddenly regret it."

The Xia Clan and the Xue Clan also had contacts at work, and they had been close friends for many years in private. Once the breaking off of their engagement happened, it was embarrassed.

As a sensible and experienced employee who had been in the company for a long time, Sheryl had a clear understanding of these things.

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