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   Chapter 433 Can You Bring Him Back (4)

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It was even quieter than before.

They could only hear the steady breathing of each other. Consuela was calm, but Miranda was a little nervous.

She couldn't help but take half a step back to regain her courage. Then she looked up at Consuela, her lips pressed together, wondering whether she should tell her the intention.

Consuela furrowed her eyebrows and asked, "What's wrong? There's someone who doesn't let you say it?"

After getting along with Consuela for a long time, Miranda knew that Consuela was joking with her. So she just smiled and said, "Mrs. Richie, you're really smart."

Consuela was exhausted from the insomnia. She didn't say a word. The smile on her face even faded away. She stared straight at Miranda, forcing her to look straight into her eyes and say it out.

However, the key was still in her hand, so she couldn't resist the force and stepped back. Then she sighed, "Mrs. Richie, can I ask you for a favor?"

She opened her eyes wide, as if she was afraid that Consuela would not agree, and quickly said, "It's absolutely nothing bad for you."

Consuela rolled her eyes, as if pondering over the question. But when she saw the maid's nervous face, she heaved a sigh of relief.

"Go ahead, I promise."

As soon as she said that, Miranda was delighted. She sighed and laughed. "In fact, it is Mr. Richie who arranged me to come to your room at this time..."

Mr. Richie? Richie!

The look in her eyes changed from calm to frightened.

She felt like her head was pounding. 'Is he going to kill me and then everything will be all right?'

Miranda lowered her head with a respectful look. She didn't see Consuela's foolish face before she finished her words.

"Mr. Richie knew that your leg cramps had become more frequent these days, so he asked me to come to give you a massage at this time on time."

But she didn't expect that the woman would suddenly wake up when she was not prepared.

'Mr. Richie had told me that

in the hospital for several days.

Johnson and Linda had spent a lot of money to deal with those people. They just kept silent and didn't say anything in order to make her feel at ease

When the housekeeper was discharged from the hospital, she said that she wanted to go home to have a look, but she was told that her house had been sold by her younger son.

For a moment, she felt dead, and then she was ill for a long time.

But his son came to pick on her from time to time and asked for money.

Judging from the housekeeper's face, Consuela could tell that her troublemaker son must have made troubles again.

The housekeeper shook her head and forced a smile. "Thanks to your parents, the bastard doesn't dare to come to me now."

The housekeeper's heart sank when she thought of this.

No matter how naughty her son was, he was still the important flesh of her body. But she didn't expect that the flesh would turn into something like this.

However, God did not give her up completely. She met the Xia Clan and got help from them. Otherwise, she did not know how urgent her life was now.

"What happened? You seem to be in a bad mood."

Consuela was baffled. This was her sister's engagement day. She didn't know what else annoying the housekeeper would be apart from her son's matter.

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