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   Chapter 432 Can You Bring Him Back (3)

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The person wiped the blood on his face with his hand, and quickly reported the process of what he knew at a distance of half a meter from him.

They were all disguised just now. Following the order of Richie, he and his fellow were crouching beside the warehouse. His companion was smoking suddenly.

When the cigarette butts were not extinguished, those who were suspicious and were patrolling the warehouse with guns. His companion threw the cigarette butts directly to the warehouse in a hurry.

Who would have thought that the fire would happen.

His companion was shot dead by the enemy. He ran so fast that he rushed into this forest. Unexpectedly, he met Richie and Tim.

Hearing his explanation, Richie's face completely darkened.

"We are exposed," Tim yelled at the trembling man

The man, who had just escaped from a wolf's mouth, did not respond at all. He only knew that he should be saved this time, but did not think of other consequences.

"Calm down. They took my father with them, so they won't be stupid enough to come here and confront us. But we can't move any further," said Richie.

As soon as he finished saying that, he turned around.

"As for him, he can't do anything right. You should take him back and train him."

After a moment of silence, Tim looked down at the man who knelt down in front of him and wanted to plead for himself, and said calmly, "Yes."

"Tim, your eyesight is getting worse and worse recently. If you need, you can use the public money to check your eyes."

This kind of joking words were spoken out in a very cold voice, and he felt no sense of humor at all. All he could feel was the coldness in his back.

After Richie left, there was only Tim and the man who was still kneeling on the ground among the dense weeds and had understood all the things, then he had started to tremble.

All the bodyguards around the man had quietly restrained their breath and left together.

This was the

oticed that Miranda was trying to change the subject. She smiled and said, "Miranda, you're still awake."

And she came in directly with the key.

The doubts were too obvious, so she couldn't change the topic with a serious expression. She could only secretly lift her eyes and try to see the expression on the servant's face.

She had set an alarm clock to wake up at this time, but she didn't expect to suffer from insomnia.

How helpless she was.

When she lifted her eyes secretly, she met the maid's gaze.

Raising her eyebrows, Consuela asked, "Miranda, you don't want to have a chitchat with me at this time, do you?"

Consuela was giving her an out, so that she could express her purpose.

The hand holding the key trembled a little. Miranda knew what Consuela meant well, so she had to give up. In the end, she was still defeated in the confrontation.

"Do I have to say it, Mrs. Richie?" She raised her head to look at Consuela, her eyes glittering with tears. The pitiful look in her eyes almost softened Consuela's heart.

However, after a while, she came back to her senses and pressed her lips, so that she had fallen into despair. "Miranda, you came in at this time, which made you very suspicious. I didn't do anything else to punish you. I am very kind. Don't you think so?"

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