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   Chapter 431 Can You Bring Him Back (2)

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It was silent in the air. Only the people on the ground were crying in pain. Nobody had taken care of them, and all the healthy people had left.

There were only two people standing there.

"Of course, you need to trust your son," said Richie reassuringly

She dared to think that she could save his father from the desperado, so she should share the blind confidence with him.

This really impressed him. It let him also feel that he was extremely powerful.

Wendy nodded with a bitter smile.

But she still felt unsettled.

She was not confident about it at all just now. She was so worried that she completely forgot what the consequences would be if the thing failed.

Only now did she realize how ridiculous her thoughts were.

Her son, however, had never stopped her in the open and above board way. He just sent some people to fight with her and deliberately lose to her, which made her feel ashamed.

She was so surprised that she forgot to hold her fist hard.

As for the people, who were lying on the ground, she actually felt very guilty. However, such guilt couldn't make her give up her thought directly.

"Mom, don't think too much. I will keep my promise. Do you prefer to believe yourself than me?"

Later, Richie directly fed the person's head with chicken soup.

He stood straight, looking at Wendy who was rolling her eyes and frowning. From his years of understanding of this woman, he could clearly know how confused she was in her mind.

"I'm not afraid of anything. I just hope that you can protect yourself well..."

She didn't finish her sentence, but the look on her face was so obvious that she was rendered speechless.

Then the creaking and old door was pushed open. As the man and the old woman were locked in a stalemate, Tim wiped the sweat off his forehead in a hurry.

"Hello, Mrs. Ye," After saying hello to Wendy, Tim immediately whispered in the ear of Richie. His voice was so low that only the two of them could h

m's face flushed and then sneezed constantly.

He had a strong feeling that there must be someone who was saying something bad about him behind his back!

"Richie, you said Cassie is here?"

"Are you worried about her?" Richie joked wildly.

He worried about her safety? His explanation gave him a headache. He didn't need to bring up such a fantastic story!

How could he worry about her!

Tim was exclaiming in his heart. However, he didn't find anything unusual.

Suddenly, a scream stopped them.

Suddenly someone passed the grass and walked over. His face was still stained with scarlet blood. Tim stood in front of Richie to protect him.

"Don't be so nervous. He's on my side," said Richie softly, putting his hand on his shoulder to calm him down

Besides, when the group of gangsters that had kidnapped his father fled to the island, there were not many people. They should not send anyone to patrol again.

When the person ran over, he said in horror, "Mr. Richie... The warehouse over there is on fire. "

Things that were not seen clearly due to the distance were all clear now.

The man had black hair and black eyes, and the clothes on his back was burnt to a large extent, but there were not many scars. It was unknown where the blood on his face had been from.

"What happened?"

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